General Site Questions

Q. What is JTF?

A. JTF is the Jewish Task Force (http://www.jtfarchive.org). JTF is a Kahanist group (that is, supporters of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane) based in New York City and Israel. Their spokesman is Chaim Ben Pesach, aka Victor Vancier, who is the former national chairman of the Jewish Defense League and lead the
ultimately successful campaign to free Soviet Jewry.

This is probably the best mini-bio for Chaim (Victor Vancier). You can also read about JTF on Wikipedia, with the usual cautions about that site’s deep bias.

JTF has been
a staple on Queens Public Television for over 15 years and have produced an amazing quantity
of Kahanist media – at present, 10 separate video productions per week, every
week, every year. JTF is the largest Kahanist organizations in the U.S.

Chaim Ben Pesach has been on the air in one form or another since 1986, which he began "The JDL
Speaks" in Manhattan.

Q. Who are you?

A. I am not authorized to speak officially for JTF, nor have I ever met Chaim Ben Pesach. I am not Jewish. On the JTF forum, I am WestCoastJTF.

Q. Are these files copyright-protected? Are you illegally distributing copyrighted matter?

A. JTF has offered all of its publications, including its shows, for free, without any restrictions
on distribution, since its foundation. You may download these shows and distribute them in any manner you see fit.

Show Questions

Q. What language are the shows in?

A. I have only archived the English shows. Unfortunately, I do not speak Hebrew, so I never listened to JTF’s Hebrew shows.

Q. What is an "a" show, "b" show, etc.?

A. JTF produces an "a" show and a "b" show each week. The names changed over the years, but the pattern was generally that Chaim did the "a" show alone and then shared the "b" show with various guests. This was predominantly the late Yosef Ben Meir in the earlier shows and Jimmy Sullivan or David Ben Moshe in later shows. Starting in July 2006, JTF began to produce an "Ask JTF" show in which Chaim Ben Pesach answered questions posted in JTF’s Forum. This is
the "c" show. "a" and "b" shows are generally 28-30 minutes long, while "c" shows are up to 3 hours in length.

To summarize:

  • “a” show: Usually Chaim alone. These shows generally (but certainly not always) discuss Israel. 30 minues.
  • “b” show: Usually Chaim and guest (Yosef, Jimmy, David, etc.) These shows generally discuss America. 30 minutes.
  • “c” show: “Ask JTF” (since July 2006). These shows consist of Chaim alone responding to questions from the JTF Forum. There is an “Ask JTF” thread each week there where anyone can post messages to JTF. These shows range over every imaginable topic and have been as long as 3 hours, 30 minutes.

Q. Why are there only “c” shows after 6/13/2007?

A. JTF switched to YouTube as its primary outlet. Following a great deal of appalling censorship by the YT admins, JTF has been posting its videos in other outlets. The “Ask JTF” shows (“c” shows) are still archived in audio form here.

Q. Why is only the audio portion available?

A. For years, JTF only posted the audio portion of the shows on their web site. The only way to see the video was to watch Queens (or early on, Manhattan) public television.

Q. Why these formats?

A. For a long time, this site only hosted RealAudio, because that’s all JTF published over the years. In November 2007, these files were converted to MP3 format and made available here. The MP3 versions should be playable on a wide range of players, such as iPods and Windows Media Player.

Q. Why are there no shows before 1/24/2001? Why is there only a "b" show for 1/24/2001? Why is there only only show (8/9/2000) in 2000?

A. I didn’t start saving the shows
(with an automated script) until 2001. The 2000 show was a
show I found on archive.org’s wayback. Incidentally, for historians, if memory serves the 1/24/2001
"a" show was a testimonial to a young Jewish JTF volunteer who’d died of cancer. I don’t know why I didn’t save the ‘a’ show for that day, but 1/31/2001 was the week where things began to be archived automatically.

Q. What’s the deal with the 9/11/1994 show?

A. After the 9/11 attacks in New York, JTF discovered that the show exactly 7 years earlier (9/11/1994) was a show in which Chaim discussed the earlier 1993 World Trade Center attack and predicted that the terrorists would strike the WTC again.

Q. Why does the 9/12/2001 not mention anything about the World Trade Center attacks? That was right after 911!

A. The shows had to be submitted several weeks in advance to Queens Public Television. The first shows made after 9/11 were the 9/26 shows. There was a period here where QPTV was having one of their periodic maintenance problems and they were off the air for a week or two.

Q. Is this archive complete?

A. No. It is mostly complete since 1/31/2001 (see next question). However, with a couple of exceptions,
there are no shows before 2001. JTF was founded in 1991, so of the 17 years of its existence, there is 7 years here, or 41%. In terms of relevancy, it’s good that it’s the most recent 7 years, but there are many key events in history that are not covered. Also, keep in mind that Chaim has been broadcasting in some form since 1986, has made hundreds of guest appearances on other shows, etc. There is a lot of material that could be added to this archive. If you have earlier shows, please contact the webmaster so they can be hosted here.

Q. Is there anything missing after 1/24/2001?

A. Yes. I am missing the first “Ask JTF” show which I believe was July 5, 2006.

Additional shows may be missing, but those are the only ones I am aware of. It’s difficult to tell because you can’t simply check off each Wednesday. QPTV had various maintenance or technical difficulty
gaps where JTF shows wouldn’t be broadcast. In this case, I believe that all of the other gaps in shows are due to QPTV production issues, but it’s possible some of them are missing shows.

If you have copies of any missing shows, please contact the webmaster

If you have further questions, please contact the webmaster