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How JTF would save America and Israel!

POINT ONE: A ferocious retaliation against all Muslim nations which have in any way aided or abetted terrorism against American citizens.

POINT TWO: The immediate destruction by the American or Israeli military of all Muslim nuclear reactors, plants and laboratories developing nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons of mass destruction.

POINT THREE: Total energy independence for America through a crash development program funded in the defense budget as a vital national security priority.

POINT FOUR: An immediate end to all U.S. foreign aid, even to a genuine friend and ally like Israel, which is harmed rather than helped by her counterproductive dependency on America's addictive welfare handouts.

POINT FIVE: An immediate end to all foreign immigration into the United States, combined with the complete expulsion of America's millions of illegal aliens and the stringent removal of her legal ones at the expiration of their work or residency visas.

POINT SIX: An immediate recognition by the United States of little Israel's G-d-given right and obligation to assert full and permanent sovereign control over all sacred Jewish Biblical lands, including Judea, Samaria, the Gaza District, the Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem.

POINT SEVEN: An immediate withdrawal from the fanatically anti-American United Nations (UN) and all organizations directly or indirectly affiliated with it, and the immediate banning of all UN-related activities on American soil.


Armed with the truth, we can save the Jewish homeland!

What the Bible
really says about
surrendering Jewish land

How to stop
the Bolshevik elite
from surrendering Israel

How Israel won
her greatest victories
by defying U.S. pressure

What Bolshevik
brainwashing has
done to Israeli Jews

There is no
(Part 1 of 2)

There is no
(Part 2 of 2)

Is Yesha occupied
or liberated?
(Part 1 of 2)

Is Yesha occupied
or liberated?
(Part 2 of 2)

There are no
Arab "moderates"
(Part 1 of 2)

There are no
Arab "moderates"
(Part 2 of 2)

the real
Ariel Sharon

Saving the
Gaza District
will save Israel

Sharon's Likud
victory proves
Feiglin is wrong

Avigdor Lieberman
urges Israeli surrender

Who will
lead against
Ariel Sharon?

Abbas and
PLO continue
Arafat's Nazi terror

The traitors
who run the
Yesha Council

A Jewish hero
Adir Zik

Sharon's plan:
Yesha Jews

and sanctifying
Holocaust victims

What JTF tells
its young
Jewish listeners

Arab Muslim
money controls
the Israeli media

Sharon bribes
Israeli soldiers to
expel Yesha Jews

When Jewish
billionaires help
Arab Muslim Nazis

Hilltop Youth's
new resistance
stuns Israeli army

G-d punishes
the traitor
Ariel Sharon

G-d gives
Hamas terrorists
election victory

The heroic
Jewish youth
of Amona

Jewish civil
war in Israel
(Part 1)

Jewish civil
war in Israel
(Part 2)

Jewish civil
war in Israel
(Part 3)

Why Jews
in G-d

Israel funds
Hamas Muslim

Ben Pesach
speech interrupted
(Part 1)

Ben Pesach
speech interrupted
(Part 2)

Ben Pesach
speech interrupted
(Part 3)

Why Israel

As JTF predicted
Israel loses
Lebanon war

Israel's image
damaged by
Lebanon defeat

Black Nazi

True Zionists
oppose all
foreign aid

An Israeli
treason story
beyond belief

Who was responsible
for Rabin's

Black African
Nazi Bishop
Desmond Tutu

Why self-hating
Jews want to
destroy Israel

Why Jews
must oppose
gun control

Netanyahu did
not learn
from history


JTF hopes to build a righteous right-wing Gentile movement!

Hilltop Youth
to save America

The 2008
election disaster

Muslims threatens
America's survival

Black rapist
murders 4
in Atlanta court

Lebanon's lesson
for the West
(Part 1)

Lebanon's lesson
for the West
(Part 2)

Algeria's lesson
for the West
(Part 1)

Algeria's lesson
for the West
(Part 2)

The murder of
Terri Schiavo

The bizarre
history of the
Black Muslims

returns to
its old treason

Rap "music" is

New LA mayor
defends crack
cocaine kingpins

Malcolm X exposed
as a homosexual
rapist and prostitute

Why Bush
will not defeat
Islamic terrorism

NYC police
protect violent
black criminals

Texas is
now majority

New York City's
lesson for the
United States

Black criminals
rampage after
Hurricane Katrina

Black pedophile
"minister" murders
white teenager

What happens
when whites
fight for blacks

When whites
go to school
with blacks

The French
Muslim riots
(Part 1)

The French
Muslim riots
(Part 2)

Black racist murderer
Stanley "Tookie"
Williams (Part 1)

Black racist murderer
Stanley "Tookie"
Williams (Part 2)

Iranian dictator
vows to destroy

Muslims riot
over cartoon
of Mohammed

Nazis vs.
genuine right-
wing patriots

Will Al Qaeda
supporters control
U.S. ports?

Pakistan, Dubai
and Muslim
nuclear terrorism

Illegal alien
amnesty will
doom America

Traitor U.S. jury
spares September 11th
Muslim monster

New York
Nazi Times

New York
Nazi Times
"Queer Nation"

It's different
when their son
is killed

Jews will support
militants if they're
black Nazis

Iran, not Iraq,
is the
main enemy
TV critic Michael Musto

Make sure that internet users hungry for an uncompromising right-wing message are aware of JTF's exciting and informative television broadcasts, which even Michael Musto, the well-known entertainment critic of the left-wing Village Voice and E! television network, called the "most riveting shows on cable television." Post links to our YouTube video files on new and different message boards weekly. Cyberspace is filled with tens of thousands of message boards, each with its own loyal following, and each of our supporters should continually expose us to fresh audiences by posting our links on new and different boards weekly.

G-d demands deeds, not mere words

It is worthless to agree with the views expressed by JTF without following through with action. G-d demands deeds, not mere words.

It is imperative that good Jews and righteous Gentiles who care about the future of America and Israel zealously spread the word about jtfarchive.org. Promote it among your friends, relatives and acquaintances and convince them to do likewise. Promote it on internet message boards, in chat rooms, through faxes and e-mails and on radio talk shows. And promote it in your religious institutions, organizations and clubs.

G-d will bless you for standing with the forces of uncompromising righteousness and truth


Our WTC warning from thirteen years ago!

JTF's terrifying 9/11/94 warning

A prescient broadcast which will send chills
up the spine of everyone who hears it!

In a JTF television program which aired in Manhattan on Sunday, September 11, 1994 - precisely seven years to the day before the horrendous Muslim Nazi attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - Chaim Ben Pesach explicitly predicted that the Islamic terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers in 1993 would return to finish their bloody work, mercilessly murdering thousands of Americans.

The same JTF program aired in Queens on Tuesday, September 13, 1994, precisely one year after the evil White House handshaking ceremony between Bill Clinton, Yitzchak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

JTF was right from the start!

Note: The JTF mailing address mentioned by Chaim Ben Pesach in our 1994 broadcast is no longer valid. JTF's mailing address is JTF, POB 650327, FRESH MEADOWS NY 11365. Also, we are not currently broadcasting in Manhattan.


Tell America to stop funding Muslim nuclear terrorism!

The Iranian Muslim terrorist nuclear reactor at Bushehr

Please send the following urgent e-mail
to America's political leaders and news media:

Every drop of oil that we import from Muslim terrorist regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Iran helps to finance the development of nuclear weapons that will someday murder millions of Americans. The U.S. must begin an emergency crash program to achieve energy independence by developing energy alternatives which will render oil obsolete. We must also begin an emergency crash program to develop cars and other motor vehicles that do not use gasoline. (For more information, please see the jtfarchive.org web site.)

Make your voice heard! All influential people read their e-mail!

If using your own words, be very brief! Only brief e-mails are actually read!

(See below for the necessary e-mail addresses)


Spread the truth about the Muslim Koran!

Distribute JTF's flyer, quoting the "peaceful" Muslim Koran, to all patriotic Americans

I want to distribute JTF's Koran quotes flyer

(The link opens a new window, where you can click the "Print" button or "File > Print > OK")

Read Islam's terrorist bible for yourself!

Read the Koran in its own words, translated into English by Muslims

I want to read the Koran in its own words

I want to read the Koran by topic

Read the Koran!


All influential people read their e-mail!

E-mail opinion-makers at least once weekly
Always encourage them to visit the jtfarchive.org web site
Mention our fight against Islam and other deadly threats

  • Come straight to the point
  • Write only a few lines on only one topic at a time
  • Send no carbon copies ("spam")
  • Use catchy, sensible subject ("re:") lines
  • Avoid all threats, insults and obscenities

  • E-mail media personalities!

    Bill O'Reilly

    Sean Hannity

    Greta Van Susteren

    Brit Hume

    John Gibson

    Pat Robertson
    700 Club

    G. Gordon Liddy

    Michael Savage

    Chris Ruddy

    David Limbaugh

    Cal Thomas

    Charles Krauthammer
    Town Hall

    Always urge talk show hosts to invite JTF's Chaim Ben Pesach to their programs

    E-mail media outlets!

    The New York Post (Letters@NYPost.com)

    The Washington Times (Letters@WashingtonTimes.com)

    The New York Daily News (Voicers@Edit.NYDailyNews.com)

    The [Manchester, NH] Union Leader (Letters@TheUnionLeader.com)

    The Jewish Press (Letters@JewishPress.com)

    E-mail the White House!

    President George Bush

    Vice President Dick Cheney

    E-mail your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative!

    (The above links will take you to official U.S. Senate and U.S. House web pages, where you can write your e-mails.)

    You can also mail or phone the White House and your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative:

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    (202) 456-1111

    The Honorable _____*
    U.S. Senate
    Washington, DC 20510

    (202) 224-3121

    The Honorable _____**
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Washington, DC 20515

    (202) 224-3121

    * Insert the full name of either of your U.S. Senators. ***** ** Insert the full name of your U.S. Representative.

    Remember always to keep it very brief! Only brief messages are actually read!

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