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Sharon Bribes Soldiers And Police
To Expel Yesha Jews

(Originally published by on June 29, 2005)

Israeli soldiers and a JTF poster urging them not to participate in the expulsion of Yesha Jews (June 21, 2005)

Sharon takes tea with Islamic terrorists (June 21, 2005) - To save himself from prosecution for gross political and financial corruption, Ariel Sharon cut a deal with Israel's left-wing elite to surrender the Gaza District and northern Samaria to the PLO Arab Muslim Nazi mass murderers

Israeli Bolshevik dictator Arik Sharon and the Israeli Bolshevik establishment announced that soldiers and police who participate in the forced expulsion of 10,000 heroic Jewish pioneers from their homes in the Gaza District and northern Samaria this August will receive special higher pay, additional financial bonuses, special extended vacation rights and other special benefits.

Thus, Sharon and the Bolshevik rulers of Israel are openly bribing soldiers and police to commit a treasonous pogrom against their fellow Jews in order to enable the creation of an independent PLO terrorist state in Yesha (Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District) - the Biblical heartland of the Jewish nation and the heart and soul of the Jewish people.

Israel's Arab Muslim Nazi enemy will celebrate the expulsion of Yesha's Jews as one more step on the road to Israel's annihilation

Since Sharon and the Bolshevik establishment have been willing to prostitute themselves and betray their people and their country all of their lives in exchange for bribes, these hopelessly corrupt degenerates assume that everyone is as slimy and as unprincipled as they are. After Sharon unsuccessfully attempted to bribe the Yesha Jews to leave their homes, he is now attempting to bribe soldiers and police to participate in his program of national treason and surrender.

In addition, Sharon's corrupt and evil Attorney General Menny Mazoz and his equally corrupt and evil "Justice" Minister Tzipi Livni have announced that they will give soldiers and police who participate in the suicidal pogrom complete legal protection against any possible criminal or civil claims that may be made by Yesha Jews if and when the Yesha Jews are victimized by brutal acts of violence during the forced expulsion. In other words, the soldiers and police can commit all of the brutal violence they wish without fear of being prosecuted or sued by their Yesha victims.

Israel's Arab Muslim Nazi enemy will celebrate the expulsion of Yesha's Jews as one more step on the road to Israel's annihilation

The soldiers and police will be free to beat and injure Yesha men, women and children, to destroy and even steal the personal property of the Yesha Jews, and to commit any other crimes they wish during the forced expulsion without any fear of legal repercussions.

When Jewish soldiers and police risk their lives fighting Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists, they are never granted such legal protection.

Indeed, on many occasions, the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists and their Arab Muslim Nazi families have successfully sought criminal prosecution of Jewish soldiers and police for using "excessive force" against wanted Islamic mass murderers and those offering them safe haven. Sharon, his puppet "Defense" Minister Shaul Mofaz, Attorney General Mazoz and "Justice" Minister Livni have supported the indictment, prosecution and imprisonment of Jewish soldiers and police who return fire when fired upon by Muslim terrorists
who are deliberately hiding among their Muslim Nazi civilian supporters who willingly act as human shields for the Islamic mass murderers.

An Arab infant girl and an older girl wear Muslim suicide bomber headbands while an Arab woman displays the photograph of an Islamic terrorist held in Israeli prison (June 24, 2005)

Arab Muslim Nazis dressed as Islamic suicide bombers (June 22, 2005) - The Israeli flag in the foreground was subsequently desecrated in the Islamic Jihad terrorist festivities, held in the terrorist snake pit "refugee camp" of Jabalya

In addition to the frequent criminal prosecution of Jewish soldiers and police who defend themselves against Muslim terrorist murderers, the soldiers and police are often sued for civil damages by the Islamic butchers and their Arab Nazi civilian supporters.

When filing lawsuits, the Islamic butchers are invariably represented in court by self-hating Jewish traitors who are among the most prominent attorneys in Israel. The Muslim murderers are treated with enormous respect by the Bolshevik Israeli court system - the same Bolshevik
court system that treats pioneering Yesha Jewish patriots with utter contempt.

Israel in a coffin, and a Muslim terrorist

The suing Arab terrorists often win large sums of money from the Israeli soldiers and police, or they win large sums of money from the Israeli taxpayers since the Arabs also successfully sue the State of Israel. There is no jury system in Israel, so the Arab murderers win these cases in decisions made by Israel's self-hating Jewish judges.

The Israeli army is setting up camps as staging areas for the expulsion of Yesha Jews

The utter corruption of Israel's entire establishment has been further exposed by the recent publication of Boomerang, a book written by two left-wing Israeli investigative reporters.

After the overwhelming January 2005 victory of Hamas in local PLO elections, a Hamas spokesman (l.) warned that all Jews are legitimate targets - Posters glorifying dead Hamas and other Arab Muslim suicide bombers are seen everywhere in the PLO terrorist-controlled areas of Yesha

The book proves that Sharon was about to be indicted for gross corruption and massive bribe-taking when he made a deal with Israel's Bolshevik establishment to save himself and his thieving sons. Sharon agreed to destroy the beautiful Jewish communities in the Gaza District and northern Samaria and to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the cradle of Biblical Israel in exchange for no legal action being taken against him and in exchange for him being permitted to remain as Prime Minister.

Even though a lengthy indictment on extremely serious charges had already been prepared, and all of the dozens of attorneys in the prosecutor's office unanimously and publicly recommended prosecuting Sharon with the overwhelming evidence that had been gathered, then "Justice" Minister Tommy Lapid, who is the leader of the fanatically anti-religious Shinui Party, took action to protect Sharon.

In exchange for Sharon's agreement to expel the Yesha Jews, then "Justice Minister" Tommy Lapid saved him from criminal prosecution for political and financial corruption - Lapid appointed a corrupt, extreme left-wing prosecutor, Menny Mazoz (inset), to "restudy" the case against him. (Tommy Lapid, second from r. in the panel photograph, met in July 2003 with various members of the PLO terror gang, including terrorist mass murderer Mohammed Dahlan (in the center of the panel), responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent Jews, and PLO propaganda chief Nabil Amir, shown conversing with Lapid.)

Lapid appointed the corrupt, extreme left-wing Menny Mazoz as Attorney General. Mazoz immediately appointed a new committee of self-hating leftist attorneys to "restudy" the case against Sharon. Of course, Mazoz and his new committee decided that Sharon should not be prosecuted.

The Bolshevik news media, which had been demanding on a daily basis that Sharon be prosecuted, suddenly changed its position and now started zealously defending Sharon. The commentator of Channel 2 news in Israel, Amnon Abramovich, openly proclaimed in a speech to all of Israel's Bolshevik "journalists" that although everyone in the media knows that Sharon is grossly corrupt, the media "must protect Sharon" at least until he completes the destruction of the flourishing Jewish communities in Gush Katif of the Gaza District and in northern Samaria.

Yesha Jews plant a tree in the beautiful pioneering communities of Gush Katif in the Gaza District

When the sudden decision was made to ignore the overwhelming evidence and to ignore the unanimous recommendation in the prosecutor's office to indict Sharon, an appeal was filed by several members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) urging the Israeli Supreme Court to order the Attorney General to prosecute Sharon. Over the years, the Supreme Court has frequently ordered prosecutions when it felt that prosecutors had improperly decided not to prosecute. But now the same Bolshevik Supreme Court that had been so hostile to Sharon, suddenly ruled in his favor despite past precedents.

All of these facts are now revealed in Boomerang. And even leftist polls show that most Israelis believe that Sharon initiated his expulsion plan to save himself from prosecution for gross corruption.

Ariel Sharon is destroying the Yesha communities to save himself from prosecution for gross political and financial corruption

Israel is the only "democracy" in the Middle East? What type of "democracy" has a prosecutor's office, a court system, a police force and a military that will break any and every law just to ensure that the grossly corrupt Prime Minister is able to carry out a suicidal plan of territorial retreat and mass expulsion?

When JTF and its allies made these charges against Sharon over a year ago, few believed us. Now everyone can see that JTF was right from the start!

When JTF predicted over a year ago that Sharon's expulsion would face mass resistance, few believed us. Once again, JTF was right from the start!

JTF warned you years ago about the "right-wing" Ariel Sharon and his plan to dismember tiny Israel

The only hope for stopping Sharon and the other Bolshevik traitors who want to vivisect the tiny Jewish homeland is to support right-wing Jewish dissidents Noam Federman and Itamar Ben Gvir, the spiritual leaders of the valiant Hilltop Youth, who are leading the real anti-Sharon resistance.

JTF supports the political activities of the Hilltop Youth, and therefore is not tax-deductible.

The Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA) is strictly non-political. It supports the educational efforts and the humanitarian needs of the Hilltop Youth and right-wing Jewish dissidents and therefore is tax-deductible.

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We need loyal, idealistic, Torah-true Jews to lead the struggle against the traitor Sharon's suicidal retreat.

We have the Torah-true leaders and we have the thousands of young idealists. But they need more money to conduct such a huge and sophisticated campaign.

In the historic struggle for Israel's survival, this is the moment of truth.

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

Some of the Jewish "threats to world peace" whom Ariel Sharon wants to remove in favor of an Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist state

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising cocktail party for JTF (which is political but not tax-deductible) or VJA (which is tax-deductible and non-political). Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends and associates - you can organize a cocktail party. If you wish to hold a cocktail party, please contact us.

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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