JTFarchive.org The Archives of the Jewish Task Force (jtfarchive.org) 2012-02-26T18:55:22Z /feed/atom WordPress WestCoastJTF <![CDATA[Welcome to the New Look]]> /?p=603 2011-11-09T00:42:13Z 2011-06-06T04:15:34Z As you’ve probably noticed, JTFarchive.org has been overhauled to use a modern, WordPress-based layout.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Previously, the site really only had two pages – he main page and the FAQ.  The problem with this is that a search engine would look at this site and say “it’s small”.  Even though there are hundreds of shows and gigabytes of material, it still looks “small” to a search engine because there’s only two pages.  By splitting each day off to a separate page, we now have hundreds of pages and look like a much larger site.  This boosts our search engine ratings.
  • Ease of Administration: There are literally hundreds of WordPress plugins that can now be used.  Many are invisible to the end-user but they help in keeping the site running.
  • Better Ad Placement: Let’s face it, the ads are there to provide revenue for the site.  Previously they were jammed into the site but using this theme, I can make them appear in more logical places so the overall flow of the page isn’t disrupted.

Please feel free to leave your feedback below.