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Decide Your Future Now!

(Originally published by on January 20, 1999)

The time will be called Yom HaDin (the Day of Judgment). You will be called before the Judge of Judges. You will hear His thundering voice. There will be two angels accompanying you. A black angel will be your categor (prosecutor). A white angel will be your sanegor (defender).

The black angel's role will be to list all of the evil sins you have committed, which will include crimes of commission and omission. In other words, all of the times when you should have done something to fulfill G-d's will in this world and did not do so will also be weighed against you as crimes of omission. Indeed, the vast majority of your offenses will be crimes of omission rather than commission.

The white angel will be there to argue and enumerate all of the mitzvot (commandments) that you have fulfilled. Every good deed, every attempt to do good for yourself, your family, your community, your country and the world will be weighed in your favor.

If the greater weight is evil, you will have no place in HaOlam HaBah (the World to Come). Depending upon the gravity of your wicked deeds, you will either spend a period of time in Gehenom (Hell), after which your soul will be destroyed forever, or if you were less wicked, your soul will be destroyed immediately without the punishment in Hell.

The amount of time that you spend in Hell, if you are so judged, will again be weighed with absolute precision in accordance with the severity of your wicked deeds. Here again, these wicked deeds will mostly be crimes of omission, such as allowing innocent people to be murdered, or allowing G-d's Jewish land to be surrendered, or allowing without protest and reaction the poisoning of souls through destructive, propagandistic brainwashing.

If on the other hand, G-d willing, your righteous deeds outweigh the evil ones, then you will secure an eternal place for yourself in the next world. Again, the greatness or smallness of your position in the next world will be determined solely by the quantity and quality of your righteous deeds in this world. Therefore, your function in this world is to decide which road to take.

In the next four articles, we will lay out the only two possible options for every Jew and for every Gentile.

Two Possible Roads For Every Jew: First, The Evil Road

The Talmud (the ancient Rabbinical commentary on the Bible as well as the compilation of Jewish Oral Law) explains it this way:

Each person has before him or her two possible roads in life to pursue. The first road is very smooth, easy and pleasurable in the beginning. But at the end it is eternally difficult, painful and progressively more torturous. This is the road of evil.

The second possible road is extremely difficult, painful and torturous for a long period in the beginning but smooth, uplifting and gloriously magnificent forever in the end. This is the road of righteousness.

We will give you an illustration of each road in modern times as it relates to the Jewish reaction to the worst nightmare in our people's history, the Holocaust.

There is a Jew named Tuvia Tenenbom who produces plays in something called the Jewish Theater of New York. His plays have included a story glorifying Arab Muslim Nazis in which an Arab girl and a Jewish boy are accidentally switched at birth; a second play disparages religious Jews, who are depicted as beggars and thieves; and a third play, which is both anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic, depicts a child-molesting rabbi living in Israel.

But the fourth play tops them all. Entitled Love Letters to Adolf Hitler, this play sympathetically portrays German women and girls who were infatuated with the late Nazi dictator. The play sets out to get Jews to "understand" and "empathize with" German adoration of the Nazi demon who murdered over 6 million Jewish men, women and children.

The play is unabashedly pro-Nazi and pro-Hitler and yet it appeared for repeated performances in a UJA-funded monstrosity called the Jewish Theater!

Tenenbom responded to critics of this atrocious production by saying that it was important for Jews "to see the other side" on the Holocaust.

We feel the only appropriate way for a kike like Tenenbom and his kike sponsors in the UJA and the Jewish Theater to truly "see the other side" would be for them to become statistics in the Holocaust. Watching them gassed, burned and tortured to death would be the type of play that we would enjoy and recommend.

Tenenbom, the UJA and the Jewish Theater all represent the road of evil in life. They represent the callous, detestable, self-hating criminals who have made this world the nightmarish abode that it is. Those who watch their abominations in silence will join them on the Day of Judgment in their eternal punishment.

Two Possible Roads For Every Jew: Now, The Righteous Road

In our generation, there was another reaction to the Holocaust. This reaction came from the true Kahanist Jews.

Tscherim Soobsokov was a Ukrainian Nazi war criminal who fanatically sought to implement the German annihilation plan. Soobsokov led other Ukrainian Nazis in the murder of over 200,000 Ukrainian Jews.

Soobsokov also provided German Nazi scientists with their Jewish "guinea pigs."

In one experiment, Soobsokov gathered several thousand Jewish mothers together with their daughters. Each Jewish mother and her daughter were strapped down on two adjoining seats. The daughter was shown a switch and told that if she pulled the switch, she would electrocute her own mother to death.

The German SS then ordered the daughter to pull the switch. When the daughter invariably refused, a bolt of electricity was shot up the daughter's spine. Despite the excruciating pain, the daughter still refused to murder her own mother. After greater electrical torture was added, the daughter eventually pulled the switch and killed her own mother.

The object of the experiment was to see how much a daughter had to be tortured before killing her own mother. This was Soobsokov's favorite experiment.

Thirty years after the Holocaust ended, wimpy Jewish survivor groups demanded that Soobsokov be tried as a Nazi war criminal. They even held peaceful demonstrations at his home in Paterson, New Jersey.

Hundreds of Arabs, Ukrainians, Germans and other Jew-haters would counter-demonstrate chanting "Long live Hitler!" and "Long live Soobsokov!" Soobsokov publicly ridiculed the Jewish survivors and boasted that he would never face punishment from such cowards.

He was correct. But what he did not realize was that other Jews, the Kahanist Jews, had also become aware of this situation.

Early one morning in 1985, Soobsokov opened his front door, setting off a booby-trapped explosive device. Severely injured, Soobsokov spent the next thirty days in a hospital in excruciating pain. He then died of his wounds.

Those who set the bomb left the following message: "Six million. Never again! We shall never forget and we shall never forgive." It was anonymously signed by the Jewish Defense League (JDL).

Those Jews who assisted the JDL during those days, when Chaim Ben Pesach was its National Chairman, certainly chose the road of righteous justice. When they appear before G-d, they will be able to call 6 million character witnesses.

Today, those Jews who support the true Kahanist Jews and righteous Gentiles of the Jewish Task Force (JTF) are taking the road of righteousness. But only if that support is tangible through deeds, not mere words or intentions. To have good intentions but not actually do anything is taking the road of wickedness. So-called "good intentions" are worthless if not accompanied by real deeds. Actions speak louder than words. And actions are the only currency that will be accepted on the Day of Judgment.

Two Possible Roads For Every Gentile: First, The Evil Road

Christians are confronted with a theological dilemma. On the one hand, the Bible clearly commands the Gentile to support the State of Israel and the Jewish people:

I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee. (Genesis 12:3)

The Bible also makes clear that the covenant between G-d and His Chosen People is an everlasting one:

And the sons of Israel observed the Sabbath to maintain it as an everlasting covenant through all generations. It is a sign between Me and the People, Israel, for all time that in six days the L-rd made the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day He ceased from work and rested. (Exodus 31:16-17)

Yet the Christian Bible speaks of spreading the Gospel. So how does the Christian reconcile his desire to spread his religion with the eternal commandment to support a Jewish people who are not Christian? At least one prominent Christian exemplifies those who miserably fail the test.

Billy Graham has probably been the most famous Christian preacher in the United States since the 1940s. Unfortunately, Graham is a theological Jew-hater who detests the Jews for not embracing Christianity. Thus, he knowingly violates the hundreds of admonitions repeated throughout the Bible warning the Gentile to bless the Jews.

The fact that G-d's covenant with the Jews is eternally active can be proven by the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy:

I will restore the captivity of My People Israel.... I will plant them in their Land and they will not again be rooted out from their Land which I have given them, says the L-rd your G-d. (Amos 9:14-15)

The return of the Jews after 2,000 years to their land in 1948 proved beyond any doubt that G-d's promises and covenants are timeless. The Jews who returned in 1948 did not believe in Jesus and were not Christians. So G-d clearly continues His covenant that He established with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David and the Hebrew prophets.

The Jews who won the miraculous victory in the 1967 Six Day War also did not believe in Jesus and were not Christians. So there is no question that the original covenant repeatedly referred to as "eternal" and "everlasting" is still very much in force.

However, some Christians like Billy Graham have decided to interpret their faith as commanding them to hate anyone who is not a Christian.

Graham has repeatedly supported one American President after another in pressuring tiny Israel to commit suicide. He refused to join other Christian ministers in demanding an end to the anti-Israel pressure. He made telephone calls to Senators, urging them to support lethal U.S. arms shipments to Israel's Arab Muslim Nazi enemies.

Thus, while Graham hates the Jews for not becoming Christians, he evidently does not hate the Muslims who not only are not Christians but who have slaughtered huge numbers of them.

Graham's evil hypocrisy extends to his actions in America. He is a good friend and long-time supporter of that other "born again" fraud, Jimmy Carter. Furthermore, Graham counts himself as a close friend of the Satanic sewer whore from Arkansas, Bill Clinton.

Graham also maintains close and friendly relations with Jesse Jackson, Clinton's filthy, thieving "minister" and spiritual mentor, who is the warm-up speaker for the black Hitler, Louis Farrakhan.

Graham tells Christians not to be "intolerant" of those who differ with them on abortion, homosexuality, school prayer and other social issues. Yet he himself is utterly intolerant of the Jewish people.

Those who walk down Graham's path will not have a place in the World to Come. They are doomed to fall by the eternal curse that the G-d of Israel has continuously warned them about throughout the Holy Scriptures.

Unfortunately, many millions of Christians may not know that Graham and his ilk are misleading them. Which is why it is so essential that JTF be on national American television to spread the true message about G-d's unchanging devotion to the Zionist endeavor in the Land of Israel.

Two Possible Roads For Every Gentile: Now, The Righteous Road

Here we have to choose two righteous Gentiles as examples of the road that Gentiles should take: Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

Pat Robertson is a born-again Christian who fervently promotes his religious beliefs. But he has never intolerantly demanded that Jews abandon their religion or their eternal covenant with G-d. Indeed, Robertson has used his national Christian television and radio broadcasts to staunchly support Israel. In fact, Robertson has frequently criticized the self-hating Jewish rulers of Israel for giving away their tiny country.

In this respect, Robertson adopts the role of effectively being "more Catholic than the Pope," or in this case, "more Zionist than the Jews."

What an irony! Robertson, a non-Jew, sees the lunacy of Israeli territorial surrender while even our so-called Orthodox "rabbis" do not speak out against the abomination of Israeli retreat.

Robertson does not count demons like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson among his friends.

Robertson always lobbies on behalf of Israel and against her Arab Muslim Nazi enemies. Robertson has made it clear that he does not believe that any "peace" with Israel's Islamic Nazi foes is possible. In this regard, Robertson takes a stand that no one in the Jewish community is willing to take other than the Kahanists. Because Robertson and the Kahanists both believe in G-d's Biblical commandments while all of the other Jews do not.

Jerry Falwell has also spent a lifetime warning Gentiles that America will face destruction unless she supports Israel. He has never been involved in intolerant missionary activity aimed at robbing Jewish souls, and has always shown the utmost respect for the Jewish faith.

Falwell, like Robertson, rejects as preposterous the sick Jewish notion of "peace" with Islamic Nazis. So Falwell also has a Kahanist approach to the Jewish-Muslim conflict.

Falwell has courageously been in the forefront of exposing the diabolical pig manure from Arkansas who polluted the Oval Office. And so Falwell is a true Zionist in a generation when the Jews themselves are not. And he is a true patriot in a generation when so many Americans approved of any bestial crime by Clinton.

What is needed is a Jewish voice on national television that can buttress the Robertson-Falwell message of supporting Biblical Zionism. If JTF had the resources it needed to be on national television, it would ignite a spiritual rejuvenation in both America and Israel that would save both nations.

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