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In Their Own Words: Blacks With AIDS

When JTF tells the honest truth about America's black infestation, the left-wing powers and their media lapdogs call it "racism." When the New York Nazi Times presents exactly the same facts (in its own peculiar Bolshevik way), it's called the "Gray Lady" and the "Newpaper of Record." We'll let our readers judge for themselves the true honesty -- not to mention the true racism -- by reprinting a recent article from the Nazi Times, written by a Jew-hating black Nazi named Bob Herbert, which puts a treasonous spin on the delightful news that, in less than seven years if all goes well, every young Negro queer in America will have HIV, the deadly harbinger of AIDS:

A Black AIDS Epidemic
Commentary by Bob Herbert
The New York [Nazi] Times, June 4, 2001

The warning sirens are wailing, but young black men who are gay don't seem to be listening. And so the march into self-destruction continues.

The AIDS virus is being detected in gay black men at stunning rates, comparable to some of the hardest-hit sections of Africa.

A study released last week by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) showed an annual HIV infection rate of nearly 15% among young black men who were gay or bisexual. The study, which focused on six cities, was conducted by researchers who reported in February that 30% of all young, gay black men were already infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

The researchers described the latest findings as "alarming," which was an understatement. And yet there's been no tremendous outcry over these developments, from blacks or anyone else.

"Why aren't we outraged?" asked Phill Wilson, executive director of the African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute in Los Angeles. "Why aren't we marching in the streets? This is a major health catastrophe."

You aren't outraged, you stupid schvartze, because AIDS isn't a race issue -- because you can't point the finger of blame at the "white man" -- because the blame in fact belongs to your own horrible people. So why should you care?

And why should you be outraged in the first place? You make it sound like somebody forced AIDS on you. You gave it to yourself. You've been warned about the disease for twenty years. Who told you to engage in the kind of dangerous behavior for which Negroes are infamous?

I am waiting for the so-called leaders of the black community — the politicians, the heads of civil rights organizations, the preachers — to step forward and say, in thundering tones, that it's time to bring an end to the relentlessly self-destructive behavior that has wrecked so many African-American families and caused so much suffering and death.

Gay black men have been hit the hardest, but the problem goes much deeper. The AIDS virus is being spread through the black community by intercourse without condoms, by drug users who contract the virus by sharing needles and then pass it on to others through sexual contact, by men who have sex with both men and women, and by poor judgment in general about sexual behavior, including unprotected sex with multiple partners and the common practice of trading sex for drugs.

Poor judgment?

It is time to shatter the taboos that have prevented blacks from speaking plainly and constructively about homosexuality, about HIV and AIDS, and about drugs and other destructive practices that have inflicted gruesome damage on one generation after another of young black Americans.

JTF tried to shatter the taboos over a year ago! Here's a quote from the article, CDC: Black Morality Explains Rise In Black AIDS (January 26, 2000), written in response to a landmark CDC report that, for the first time, black and Hispanic "victims" of AIDS outnumbered white ones in America:

White homosexuals are neither less depraved nor less reckless than black and Hispanic ones. Emboldened by the success of new AIDS-fighting drugs, many First World perverts have lately returned to their revolting bathhouses, where a single infected deviant will often service 400 partners weekly; and to their "private" Greenwich Village bars, where "male johns," oblivious to what their next blood test may tell them, sit under barstools soliciting other perverts, often complete strangers, to urinate in their mouths. But because they are from a culture where morality and family values are still cherished in many quarters, whites in general are far less given to depravity than blacks and Hispanics, who are raised in broken homes where violent incest and other forms of child abuse are commonplace. Deviant behavior of all kinds is so prevalent in Third World and ghetto cultures that the epidemiological indicator only needed time, and not much of that, to point south.

Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately numerous, for example, among the ranks of hardcore drug addicts, whose chances are just as good if not better of getting HIV from a shared hypodermic needle as from a shared deviant experience.

The messages delivered to date have obviously not worked. AIDS is the leading cause of death for African-Americans between the ages of 25 and 44. While blacks are just 13% of the U.S. population, more than half of all new HIV infections occur among blacks. Blacks are 10 times more likely than whites to be diagnosed with AIDS, and 10 times more likely to die from it.

The CDC believes one in every 50 black American men is infected with HIV. One in 50! It believes one in every 160 black women is infected. By comparison, one in every 250 white men is infected, and one in 3,000 white women.

AIDS-infected black "role model" Magic Johnson
(Claims to have had sex with thousands of women)

Like the schvartze says: One in 50! That's a warning to all of you white women who wonder why white men can't stand the sight of your "dating" blacks.

One of the biggest obstacles to controlling the spread of the AIDS virus among young blacks is denial. There is still a widespread belief among blacks that AIDS is a disease primarily of gay white men. And there is the widespread belief that the disease is easily controlled, and perhaps even cured, by drugs.

Joe Pressley, an official with the New York AIDS Coalition, told me about a 15-year-old girl who said: "Don't tell me nothin' about no AIDS cause that won't impact me. And if I was to get it, all I'd have to do is take a pill in the morning and I'll be OK."

Stop the presses! Here's what JTF told you over a year ago, from our aforementioned article on the same subject:

Nobody's wrong all of the time and, in the case of black "denial," the CDC for once strikes close to the mark.... Although an astonishingly large number of schvartze males are bisexual and even exclusively homosexual, they simply refuse to think of themselves as anything but "straight."

... [M]any American schvartzes freely admit that they don't mind going to country club jails which give them -- in addition to free room and board and cable television -- the chance to rape hapless young white prisoners. But in spite of everything, very few schvartze animals will admit to being queer. Even the vile subway posters of the equally vile "Gay" Men's Health Crisis (the GMHC, the AIDS charity), which have lately targeted black males, make no reference to homosexuality or even "gayness" in their texts.

How can a man who has just finished having sex with another man be unwilling to admit that he's no less queer than his same-sex partner? How else but by being a schvartze animal willing to twist any issue to suit his own pride, desire and convenience?

In prison, active black homosexuals -- the players of the male role in their perverted encounters -- refuse to think of themselves as "faggot." That insult, as well as the one likening sexual inverts to female dogs, is reserved solely for the stigmatization of their passive partners, willing or otherwise, who please their dominators by using women's clothing and cosmetics and by answering to feminine names, all in an effort to allow their "lovers" to go on thinking of themselves as "macho men" rather than perverted degenerates who can't distinguish between normalcy and abnormalcy. Homosexuality is typically conceived in the violent black psyche as an act of humiliating, emasculating rape, the pleasure of which comes not from the gratification of physical need but the infliction of pain and degradation on another human being.

The denial runs so deep -- and the stigma surrounding homosexuality is still so strong among blacks -- that many black men who have sex with other men nevertheless think of themselves as heterosexual, not gay or bisexual. These men, while attempting to present a heterosexual image to the outer world, frequently engage in compulsive, high-risk sex with men while engaged in ongoing sexual relationships with one or more women. This behavior puts girlfriends and wives in grave danger.

A new and intense and creative effort -- led by black Americans -- will be required to reclaim the lives of the thousands upon thousands of young blacks succumbing to the ravages of destructive sexual behavior, drug use and (in so many of these cases) the emotional pain of self-loathing, depression and despair.

Thousands? Try millions, including the millions of envious, white-hating bisexual or heterosexual schvartze animals who abandon their children at birth.

If ever there was a need for tough love, this is it.

Or better still, tough hate. By white Americans.

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