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The Truth About Black Africa (Conclusion) concludes its series on the truth about black Africa and the PBS Nazi "documentary," Wonders of the African World, sponsored by General Motors and written by an ignorant, racial preference schvartze "intellectual" named Henry Louis Gates Jr., who chairs a "history" department at Harvard University. 

Oh! I'm de black Professor Chalk,
Dat's just arribed from great New York,
To you poor whites I'm going to talk
To 'lighten you if I can.


I'b proobed de learned doctors fools
And pushed professors from der stools,
In fact, I'b puzzled all de schools
Since de day I first began.


Now on ancient history I'll touch,
Though you wouldn't think I know'd so much,
But yet I'b got it in my clutch
Since first de world began.


From the minstrel song "Larned Nigger"
(Published in Christy's Nigga Songster, 1850)

Although he will never admit it, "Professor" Gates has gained less from his pilgrimage than the white explorers who scoured Africa for "King Solomon's mines" (otherwise the "lost city of Zinj") and other wonders purportedly lurking in its interior. Those disappointed souls, at least, came away assured that the Dark Continent's "wonders" either never were or, like the ruins of "Great" Zimbabwe, were only empty shells filled with worthless dirt. But Gates is not so open-minded. He has convinced himself that he not only found what he came to find, he found it in quantity and variety to exceed his rosiest hopes.

"Professor" Gates has made a peculiarly twisted journey into the "heart of darkness." In searching for a native intelligence at the center of Africa, he has found only traces of conquering foreigners who gave the indigenous peoples whatever knowledge and technology they possess today. In seeking to reveal the "truth" about the invaders -- whom logic dictates must have benefitted, much more than they despoiled, a land with nothing of its own to begin with -- he has revealed only his own racist hatred and envy.

Our monkey mortarboard could take a page from the life of Phyllis Wheatley (1753-84), the first and -- as far as JTF is aware -- only important black American poet. Brought to Boston at the age of eight, she was taught to read and write, and educated in geography, history and Latin, by her master, a tailor named John Wheatley; her volume of verse, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, was published in London in 1773. Deeply religious, she frequently expressed joy and gratitude at having been taken from the barbarities of Africa to a Christian country of peace and plenty, where her talents were able to reach their fullest development and where she was offered object lessons in the difference between right and wrong, perspectives sadly lacking in the brutal stockaded villages and cannibal cooking pots of her nightmarish homeland.

Culled from prior episodes of the series, here is the truth about black Africa and its "ancient wonders" in a nutshell:

Egypt: The only African nation to achieve anything like an important civilization in antiquity, Egypt was a white kingdom speaking an ancient Caucasian language, Hamitic, having absolutely no connection with the Bantu languages of genuinely black, sub-Saharan Africa. The tomb paintings of the ancient Egyptians show fair-skinned aristocratic women (who made it a point of honor to avoid the sun) standing beside bronzed, not black, Egyptian noblemen. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt around 450 BCE, mentioned no Negroes in his writing and was surely not talking about them when he described Nubians and Ethiopians as the "handsomest people on earth."

Nubia: Same as above, except that the Nubians derived their civilization entirely from the Egyptians.

Ethiopia: See "Nubia."

Zanzibar: An early trading outpost of the Arab Muslim Nazis, who brought the backward and sparsely populated regions of black, sub-Saharan Africa -- until then a howling Stone and, rarely, Bronze Age wilderness -- its first iron tools and genuine agricultural development. The Arabs of Zanzibar were savage slave traders, but so manifestly superior to their Negro subjects in strength and knowledge (not a difficult achievement on either count) that many Zanzibar blacks insist to this day that they are the descendants of proud Arab slavers, not their cowering schvartze victims.

Zululand: The home of black African tribes who descended on the Cape from the north after Africa's first population explosion, a result of the aforesaid Arab Muslim Nazi innovations. The "mighty warrior kings" of the Zulu, ferocious butchers of their own people, were easily crushed by a handful of whites who brought South Africa its first taste of European civility and progress. Betrayed by their own kind, South Africa's human beings are now the subjects of a terror campaign conducted by white-hating, AIDS-infected Negro demons armed with white-built atomic weapons.

Zimbabwe: Fashioned during the European Middle Ages by a savage black African tribe called the Karanga, who enslaved the local farmers and set them to the dangerous work of mining gold and copper. The ruins of Zimbabwe, truly the greatest "buildings" ever built by black Africans, consist of a "royal enclosure" of mud-and-wattle huts surrounded by a wall about 20 feet high and 800 feet in circumference, raised by stacking crudely-shaped slabs of naturally layered, locally occurring limestone until the barrier was strong enough to protect the Karangans from their numerous slave population. You can easily find scores of Iron Age structures in Europe, particularly in Greece and Britain, thousand of years older than Zimbabwe and far more impressive.

The Slave Coast: After its population explosion, the Atlantic coast of Africa became the home of several cannibalistic Negro tyrannies which black fantasy like Roots has transformed into utopias savaged by the white man. The truth is that whites never "raided" in the territories jealously guarded by their black middlemen and that the New World slave trade rescued thousands of Africans from outright execution or lives of disease and starvation in the interior of the Dark Continent -- which was, to repeat, exclusively the happy hunting grounds of the coastal Negro slave raiders. Further, the Europeans brought improved crops and other blessings which more than repaid any loss of blood spilled by blacks slaughtering and enslaving their fellow blacks.

Timbuktu: A miserable firetrap of a slave trading town built by the Tuareg, Berber (North African Caucasoid) nomads who imported Muslim Nazi manuscripts into sub-Saharan Africa thousands of years after the white Egyptians and Mesopotamians invented writing and scholarship. During Timbuktu's heyday, a period lasting a few centuries before Europe perfected oceanic sailing, a handful of the town's schvartzes may have learned reading and writing in the absurdly overpraised "Harvard of Africa." The remarkable possibility of literate Negroes will be claimed by an awestruck Gates as proof of black genetic equality with whites and Asians.

There is only one good thing to say about Gates' scholarship. As atrocious ("black-eyed") as it is, it is a damn sight better than that of less dispassionate "brothers" like Leonard Jeffries, who use their kike and other left-wing white patronage to fill Harlem's Arthur Schomburg Library and the heads of their racial preference students with arrant racist nonsense on a par with the insane Aryan mysticism of Hitler's "intellectuals." JTF followers who shake their heads in disbelief at the black Hitler Louis Farrakhan's "Yakoub the evil scientist" should know that the hardly less absurd theories of many "legitimate" monkey mortarboards have stirred considerable "scholarly" debate in the ivory towers of today's knave new academic world.

According to maladjusted apes like Leonard Jeffries, darkest Africa had "golden cities" long before Egypt and the nations of Mesopotamia (also black, of course) were known in the earth. Meanwhile, whites swung by their tails in the "ice caves" of Europe. The proof of Caucasian autochthony was preserved in the white man's overdeveloped coccyx, his tail bone, which Jeffries, without divulging his sources, claims is much larger than its black counterpart.

After six hours of lies, lies and more lies -- they are remarkably easy to invent -- Gates ends his six-hour race-baiting extravaganza with one last dig at the whites who refuse to believe that blacks created anything important in Africa. As he has said on the Slave Coast, he can forgive the modern-day descendants of the black cannibal tyrants known as the Ashanti for selling, slaughtering and eating the flesh of their own people, because no son of a black man should be held accountable for his father's crimes (even if his father can be positively identified). But it should always be open season for "beating up on" whites.

"G-d knows," Gates chuckles, "they deserve it."

As far as JTF is concerned, "Professor" Gates has made only one African discovery worth passing on to the reader, namely that if you are ever vicious enough to follow in his footsteps -- if you are ever traitor enough to travel in Africa, a horrible, backward, disease-infested, fly-infested, war-torn continent filled with bloodthirsty black and Muslim Nazi nations dedicated to the final and absolute destruction of all whites and Jews -- be sure to bring plenty of pre-moistened wipes and diarrhea suppressants.

Take it from Professor Coccyx, you'll need them.

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