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Why True Zionists Oppose All "Foreign Aid"

(Originally published by on October 21, 1998)

Israel's dependence on U.S. foreign aid handouts from a Jew-hating Washington puts her very survival at risk
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met on October 4, 2006 with far left-wing Israeli "defense" minister
Amir Peretz to discuss Israel's continuing surrender to the Arab Muslim terrorist world

Black Jew-hater Condoleezza Rice meets with Ehud Olmert, Israel's traitorous prime minister, whose treason led to Israel's disastrous defeat in the recent Lebanon war

With polls showing nearly universal opposition among Americans to the wasting of their tax dollars on so-called "foreign aid," it is only due to the intensive lobbying and arm-twisting of the self-hating cowards in Jewish establishment organizations that the foreign aid bill passes each year.

The number one priority for the so-called "Jewish lobby" is to ensure passage of this legislation in each session of Congress.

We have been told a million times that if not for the $3 billion that Israel receives each year in foreign aid, the Jewish state would not exist.

In May 2006, Saudi foreign minister Saud al-Faisal warned Condoleezza Rice that the U.S. boycott of the Muslim terrorist gang Hamas would "radicalize" the Arab world

What sick, cowardly, faithless ignorance!

The opposite is true. Foreign aid to Israel is the worst curse imaginable. It creates a dependence which cripples Israel and endangers her survival on every level.

Giving a nation foreign aid is like giving drugs to a drug addict or welfare to a welfare recipient. The recipient is never helped by the slavish dependence created by the hand-out.

No healthy economy has ever been or ever will be created by hand-outs. Only total self-sufficiency and independence can build a prosperous and healthy society.

Should Israel depend for her survival on Jew-hating American politicians like Hillary Sodom Clinton and New York state assembly speaker Sheldon Silver, who opposes the death penalty but supports partial birth abortion?

An American Jew-hater demonstrates for Rachel Corrie, the left-wing American killed while trying to stop an Israeli army bulldozer from uncovering tunnels used by Arab Muslim terrorists to smuggle arms into Israel - Corrie was a member of the International Solidarity Movement, co-founded by self-hating Jew Adam Shapiro, who defends the "right" of Arab Muslim terrorists to murder innocent Jewish men, women and children

This is especially true with Israel.

When G-d wins miraculous victories for Israel in her wars of survival against an Arab Muslim Nazi enemy that outnumbers her 100 to 1, instead of giving credit to G-d, self-hating and faithless Jews claim that U.S. foreign aid is responsible for the victories.

This is the ultimate desecration of G-d's name.

Israel's whole purpose in being a tiny, hopelessly outnumbered, pipsqueak nation is to win miraculous victories against a far larger enemy
so as to prove to the world that the G-d of Israel is the Master of the Universe.

PLO-Fatah Arab Muslim terrorist "police" express their support for their Hamas terrorist counterparts after the May 2006 elections which swept Hamas to power

Israel's treasonous leaders have put her at the mercy of creatures like the Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton and his criminal gang - Al Gore is now a highly paid apologist for Arab Muslim terrorism; political assassin James Carville worked for the election of far left-wing Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, who told far left-wing Hollywood movie director Oliver Stone(d) that Israel's "failure to disengage" from the liberated lands of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District was a "crime" on the order of those supposedly committed against the Muslims of Bosnia and the blacks of Africa. ("The failure to disengage," Barak said, "leads us to Bosnia, apartheid, South Africa, bleeding into each other for many past centuries.")

When self-hating Jewish weasels claim that foreign aid somehow wins these victories for Israel, as preposterous as that assertion is, it dilutes the power and majesty of G-d's intervention on behalf of His people.

Therefore foreign aid is a sin, a curse and an abomination.

It only brings punishment upon Israel and America.

Israel's dependence on U.S. foreign aid puts her at the mercy of self-hating Jewish American politicians like Congressmen Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) and Tom Lantos (D-CA) - Lantos, born a Hungarian Jew and the only Holocaust survivor ever to serve in the House, represents a San Francisco district and is a staunch proponent of homosexual marriage, abortion on demand and gun confiscation; Emanuel directed fundraising for the Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton during Clinton's 1992 White House bid, and is credited with helping the Clinton campaign to stay financially afloat in the wake of the Gennifer Flowers adultery scandal

One can also see the natural consequences of this terrible program.

The Israeli government controls most of the Israeli economy through inefficient state-owned corporations. All Israeli economists agree that Israel could become the premier economic powerhouse of the world in high technology if all of these state-owned corporations were privatized.

But Jewish politicians in Israel, despite knowing that this hurts the Jewish state, so enjoy the power of controlling these
companies and industries that they refuse to privatize.

Treasonous Israeli leaders like Ariel Sharon have placed the tiny Jewish homeland at the mercy of Jew-haters like the politicians in Washington and the apologists for Islamic terror at the United Nations - During the September 2005 expulsion of Jews from the Gaza District and northern Samaria, Sharon was greeted by UN head Kofi Annan

Arab Muslim terrorist "police" on patrol

If foreign aid to Israel were cut off, Israeli politicians would no longer have the artificial subsidy needed to prop up many of these failing state-owned enterprises. They would be forced to privatize, like it or not. And the heavy hand of Bolshevik big government in Israel would be taken off the throats of Israeli Jews.

In the military sphere, Israel can certainly become self-sufficient.

Billions of dollars in U.S. foreign aid have gone to Israel's Arab Muslim terrorist enemies

Currently 50% of all Israeli weapons are manufactured by the Jewish state herself.

As a condition for receiving foreign aid, Israel is forced to purchase costly and often unnecessary weapons systems to bolster big multinational arms manufacturers in the United States.

If Israel instead put all of her military focus into self-sufficiency and had a liberated economy to boot, there is little doubt that the Jewish state would emerge far stronger militarily than she is today.

And, of course, not receiving foreign aid means not being subject to the extortive ultimatums of the donor country, which regularly threatens to cut off the supposedly necessary foreign aid unless Israel makes
suicidal concessions.

"Lo, it is a nation that shall dwell alone and not be reckoned among the nations" - Israel was humiliated at the 2004 summer Olympics when Iranian Muslim wrestler Arash Miresmaeli, who carried the flag of his Islamic terrorist nation in the opening ceremonies (directly ahead of the Israeli contingent), refused to dirty his hands by wrestling with a Jewish opponent. (Miresmaeli added insult to insult by kissing the Muslim terrorist Koran, which refers to all non-Muslim "infidels" as subhuman beasts.)

If Israel did not receive U.S. foreign aid, the current Clinton-Gore-Albright blackmail against the Jewish state would ring very hollow indeed.

Therefore, the Kahanist Jews and righteous Gentiles of JTF oppose all foreign aid both to Israel and to all other nations.

Many idiotic Jew-haters rail against foreign aid, thinking that by doing so, they are hurting Israel. These fools are actually doing Israel a big favor.

"Lo, it is a nation that shall dwell alone and not be reckoned among the nations" were the words of the evil Jew-hating prophet Bilam in the Bible, as he sought to curse the Jews with the supposed "curse" of isolation.

But he then realized that G-d accepted his proclamation but turned his curse into Israel's greatest blessing. For when the Jews are all alone and have no foreign aid and still win incredible victories against all odds, then Jews and righteous Gentiles everywhere are forced to see the mighty hand of G-d at work.

Isn't it a disgrace that JTF does not have millions of dollars to reach all of the Jews in Israel with this vital message? Especially now when most Israeli Jews are very disappointed with how the war in Lebanon was conducted, and are very fearful about the future. The time is ripe for JTF's message.

Jewish American teenager Daniel Wultz was murdered in Tel Aviv by a May 2006 Muslim terrorist suicide bombing - Daniel was mourned by his sister, Amanda

Now more than ever, we must reach as many Israeli Jews as possible with our vital message of truth.

The more money we raise, the more Jews we reach.

JTF supports the political activities of the Hilltop Youth, and therefore is not tax-deductible.

The Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA) is strictly non-political. It supports the educational efforts and the humanitarian needs of the Hilltop Youth and right-wing Jewish dissidents and therefore is tax-deductible.

"Yale Taliban" Rahmatullah Hashemi was allowed to study at Yale in the spring of 2006 even though he was the most visible spokesman of the Taliban in the months leading up to September 11th and boasted of meeting Osama Bin Laden

Your generous checks and money orders made out to "VJA" can be sent to:

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We need loyal, idealistic, Torah-true Jews to lead the struggle against the traitor Sharon's suicidal plan to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel.

We have the Torah-true leaders and we have the thousands of young idealists. But they need more money to conduct such a huge and sophisticated campaign.

In the historic struggle for Israel's survival, this is the moment of truth.

A groveling CNN news team covers up their women like slaves while reporting on Islam's annual pilgrimage to Muslim terrorist Mecca

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising party for JTF (which is political but not tax-deductible) or VJA (which is tax-deductible and non-political). Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends
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Fourth, please remember to include the "Jewish Task Force (JTF)" and/or the "Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA)" in your will.

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