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Jewish Civil War
In Israel (Part 1)

(Originally published by on February 22, 2006)

A self-hating Israeli wears a "rainbow" skullcap in support of his left-wing, homosexual, pro-Muslim agenda

When left-wingers are defeated in Israel's political battles, "the Jews have won, the Israelis have lost" - At least, so says Marxist Israeli political leader Shimon Peres, shown meeting enthusiastically with Egyptian Muslim military dictator Hosni Mubarak, whose forces work relentlessly to supply the Arab Muslim terrorists of Israel with weapons, funding and training. (Mubarak has urged the United States to fund the terror gang Hamas lest it be driven to “extremism.”)

When Bolshevik traitor Shimon Peres was defeated in the race for Prime Minister of Israel in 1996, he declared, "The Jews have won. The Israelis have lost."

Peres' comment reflected a reality that has existed in Israel for decades: two separate and distinct peoples live in the modern Jewish homeland - the Israeli people and the Jewish people.

As opposed to real Jews dedicated to saving the Jewish homeland from Arab Muslim terrorism, Israelis are Hebrew-speaking "Jews" who care nothing for Judaism, Zionism and Jewish survival - Two Arab Muslim terrorist suicide bombers who detonated themselves in a Jerusalem market on July 30, 1997 murdered 18 innocent Jews and wounded over 100

The Israelis are Hebrew-speaking "Jews" who do not want to be Jewish and/or do not care about Judaism, Zionism and Jewish survival.

The Israelis want peace now at any price, including national suicide. They are tired of war and conflict, and are willing to make any concession to achieve even a
moment of peace and quiet.

In the Gaza District, Arab Muslim terrorists of the PLO's Fatah (Conquest) party march wearing death shrouds

Even when the Arab Muslim Nazis prove again and again that their eternal goal is the annihilation of all Jews and all non-Muslims, it has no effect on the Israelis. The Israelis sign treaty after treaty, surrender more and more land, and become weaker and weaker. Every Israeli retreat, gesture and concession always leads only to more war, more terror and more bloodshed. But the Israelis will not change their suicidal policy no matter what. Even if a million Arab terrorist bombs explode in their faces, the Israelis are fanatically determined to surrender the Holy Land to the Muslim Nazi mass murderers.

Masked Arab Muslim terrorists in Hebron, Judaism's second most sacred city, spray graffiti demanding the death of the West as punishment for cartoons of Mohammed published in a Danish newspaper

The Israelis are obsessed with retreating from Judea and Samaria in order to create an independent Hamas-PLO terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel. The Israelis are obsessed with expelling from their G-d-given homes the heroic 250,000 Jews who have settled in Judea and Samaria.

In the future, when they will see that creating a Hamas-PLO terrorist state only leads to far greater death and destruction, the Israelis will be prepared to make the final concession: the complete abolition of an independent Jewish state, to be replaced by an Arab Muslim "Palestine." Because for
the Israelis, if the price of having a Jewish state is continued war and conflict, then it is not worth it.

Israeli Bolshevik dictator Ehud Olmert's two sons are both draft dodgers who have permanently left Israel - One son lives in New York, the other one in Paris

Self-hating Jewish awards for Arab Muslim terrorism - On January 19, 2006, an Arab Muslim terrorist suicide bomber blew himself up in Tel Aviv, wounding 20; on January 20th, the very next day, Hany Abu Assad won the Golden Globe for his film, Paradise Now, which "humanizes" Arab Muslim terrorist suicide bombers. (The awards ceremony was held in Beverly Hills, the fabulously wealthy bastion of Hollywood's self-hating Jewish elite.)

Indeed, many Israelis have already abandoned the Jewish state. Israeli Bolshevik dictator Ehud Olmert's two sons are both draft dodgers who have permanently left Israel - one son lives in New York, the other one in Paris.

The same applies to the other leaders of Olmert's ruling Kadima party - most of their children have permanently abandoned Israel and now live in Europe or the United States. And the same is true for the leaders of the Marxist Labor party: for example, Labor party chairman Amir Peretz's daughter lives in London.

Self-hating Israelis adore cinematic filth like Steven Spielberg's Munich, which put a "human face" on the merciless Arab Muslim terrorists who slaughtered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games

The major opinion makers in the Israeli news media, the educational institutions and the large corporations already refer to themselves as "post-Zionists." Zionism simply means the right of the Jewish people to an independent nation in the Land of Israel. "Post-Zionists" are self-hating Jewish traitors who no longer believe in an independent Jewish nation, because in their words, the concept of Zionism is now "outdated."

A loafing Arab smoker, a beneficiary of Israel's welfare endowments, looks out on a street adorned with a billboard of the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat, a pedophile who died of AIDS, and his PLO terrorist successor, Mahmoud Abbas, a Holocaust-denier who engineered the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre

Corrupt and decadent Israeli "Jews" viciously hate the Jewish people, who are religious, nationalistic, patriotic, loyal, disciplined, kind, self-sacrificing, courageous and honest - Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, supreme military commander of the August 2005 Gush Katif-northern Samaria expulsions, enjoyed himself as he justified his Judenrat treason

The Israeli people have adopted the worst aspects of European and Western culture - immorality, decadence, sexual promiscuity and perversion, materialism, greed, dishonesty, corruption, selfishness, egomania, megalomania, disloyalty, cynicism, cowardice, drug and alcohol abuse, crude violence, sadism and so on.

Moreover, while glorifying all of the evils listed above, the Israeli people viciously hate the second distinct people who reside in the Land of Israel, the Jewish people.

The Jewish people are religious, nationalistic, patriotic, loyal, disciplined, self-sacrificing, courageous and honest. Unfortunately, they are also extremely naive and have an inferiority complex when dealing with the Israelis.

Having succeeded in turning the Jewish neighborhoods of the Gaza District into Arab slums, left-wing Israeli "Jews" now want to turn over the beautiful Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria to Israel's Muslim terrorist foes

The Jews have been taught that they must love their fellow Jews (which is good), and that they must love the Israelis (which is not). The Jews have been taught by rabbis and other government-funded "spiritual leaders" that the Israelis are also fellow Jews, and that even if their views are misguided, we must love them.

Many Jews are not simply misguided - they are evil - Corrupt Israeli dictator Ariel Sharon, now thankfully at death's door - and the gates of hell - confers with his equally corrupt son Omri, a member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) who was recently given a slap on the wrist for his gross political and fiscal criminality

It is true that Jews are required to love their brothers and sisters even if they are misguided, and that Jews must aspire to bringing those who are mistaken back to the right path of Torah truth.

But many of the Israelis are not simply misguided. They are evil. They are filled with seething hatred toward the good Jews, and absolutely detest genuine Judaism and Zionism. They long to imitate the worst aspects of American culture - Hollywood, the news media, the multinational corporations, "rap" and "hip hop" degeneracy, the left-wing academic world. And they also long to make Israel a carbon copy of the utterly amoral and G-dless nations of Europe, such as France and Germany.

Many Jews are not simply misguided - they are evil - News "reporter" Geraldo Rivera, whose parentage is half Jewish and half Puerto Rican, and who once called Israeli soldiers "Nazi pigs," discussed what he called Israel's "odious settlements" in a March 20, 2002 broadcast

Many Jews are not simply misguided - they are evil - Self-hating Judenrat traitor Dennis Ross was one of the Jewish flies who swarmed around the Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton as he worked to dismember Israel in favor of an Arab Muslim terrorist state. (Ross is shown (top l.) with the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat and quintessential left-wing Judenrat traitor Yitzchak Rabin; (top r.) Syrian Muslim terrorist dictator Hafez Assad; (bottom l.) before an Israeli memorial dedicated to the brave Jews who lost their lives during the Arab Muslim sneak attack known as the 1973 Yom Kippur war; and (bottom r.) with Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright "massaging" Arafat as he murdered hundreds of innocent Jewish men, women and children during Clinton's term in office. After the meeting with Assad - who murdered hundreds of thousands of Lebanese and his own Syrian people, and who dreamed of Israel's annihilation to the day of his death - Ross said that "we were remarkably close" to a peaceful solution.)

Since the good Jews do not want to surrender the Land of Israel to the Arab Muslim Nazis, and do not want to create a European-style island of greed, immorality and depravity in the Middle East, the Israelis have declared war on the good Jews.

The Israelis realize that it is the good Jews who have babies. The religious Jews are currently about a third of Israel's total Jewish population, but a majority of all Jewish children under the age of six come from religious homes.

A young Jewish woman protests the August 2005 Gaza District-northern Samaria expulsions - The future belongs to the religious and nationalist Jews, unless the Israeli anti-Semites destroy the Zionist dream

Not only do the religious Jews have a much higher birthrate than the Israelis, in addition, many Israelis are leaving Israel.

So the future belongs to the religious and nationalist Jews unless the Israeli anti-Semites succeed in destroying the Zionist dream.

And let there be no doubt that the Israelis would quite literally prefer to see Israel destroyed rather than see a G-d-fearing, Torah-true nation arise in the Holy Land.

Imagine a nation run by Hebrew-speaking Woody Allens, and you will understand the current state of Israeli politics

For this reason, the Israelis declared war on the Jews in 1992 with the signing of the treasonous Oslo accords, which started the process of surrendering the Biblical heartland of Israel to the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist mass murderers.

Precisely because Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem are the holiest parts of the Land of Israel, the Israeli anti-Semites want to surrender these vital Biblical areas to the Arab Muslim Nazis. The goal of the self-hating Israelis is to "prove" that the Bible-believing Jews and Gentiles are crazy, and that the Biblical prophecies about the Jews returning to and liberating the entire Land of Israel are wrong. The Israelis want to be able to "prove" that the Bible is nonsense.

The current state of Israeli politics - Marxist leader Shimon Peres wants Israel to become a member of the Arab League; says that the Bible is hateful and the Koran is peaceful; claims that jihad means "peace"; and is willing to negotiate with the Hamas Arab Muslim terrorists as long as they do not, in his words, "bring their machine guns to the table"

The Israeli flag is flown in New York City's annual "gay pride" parade

The civil war between Israelis and Jews has been a one-sided war with Israelis throwing thousands of Jewish families out of their homes in Gush Katif and northern Samaria, and surrendering the world's most sacred Jewish soil to the cruelest and most evil people on the face of the earth, the Arab Muslim Nazis.

The Israelis have succeeded in waging this one-sided war with little resistance from the good Jews.

An Israeli policeman uses his blindfolded horse to push back a crowd of Jewish pioneers during the August 2005 Gaza District-northern Samaria expulsions - In the February 1, 2006 Amona expulsion, police actually trampled Jewish pioneers with horses

Until the expulsion in Amona.

To be continued....

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Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, a typical Judenrat traitor, took pride and enjoyment in his work as he expelled the Jewish mothers and babies of Gush Katif - During the battle for Amona, young Jewish girls were mauled by sexually abusive Israeli soldiers and police

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We need loyal, idealistic, Torah-true Jews to lead the struggle against the traitor Sharon's suicidal plan to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel.

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In the historic struggle for Israel's survival, this is the moment of truth.

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An Israeli stormtrooper uses a sledgehammer to break into a Jewish home at Amona

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A heroic young Jew wounded in the bloody February 1, 2006 battle for Amona

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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