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G-d Gives
Hamas Victory

(Originally published by on February 1, 2006)

Hamas celebrates its election victory with a poster of its "martyred" spiritual leader, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, killed in March 2004 by an Israeli air strike

Ever since the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, G-d in His mercy has done everything possible to awaken the Jews so that they will do what must be done to bring the final Messianic redemption.

G-d made sure that the tiny Jewish nation is surrounded by hundreds of millions of vicious, cruel, jealous and murderous Arab Muslim Nazis who have been literally obsessed for over a hundred years with their bestial desire to exterminate the entire Jewish people.

Standing in front of a wall filled with photographs of innocent Jews murdered by Arab Muslim terrorists, a Jewish mother holds a picture of her murdered son - On the same day, January 26, 2006, an Arab gestured to a Hamas poster glorifying Arab Muslim terrorists killed in suicide bomber "operations"

Adored by huge crowds of the Muslim faithful, Sheik Yassin’s widow wore an Arab Muslim terrorist suicide bomber’s headband in memory of her dead husband

G-d gave Israel this hopelessly evil and bloodthirsty Arab Muslim Nazi enemy to prevent the Jews from assimilating and intermarrying with the local population, which is what the Jews tragically do whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

In the case of the Arabs, the Jews have been unable to assimilate and intermarry with them on a large scale because of the brutal intensity of Islamic Jew-hatred.

If the Arab Muslim Nazis had not been murderous beasts for the past one hundred years, there is little doubt that tiny Israel would long ago have been swallowed up by the huge Islamic world.

In the days immediately following Yassin’s targeted killing, Arabs adored a lamb whose wool bore a mark resembling the Arabic word for "Allah" - The "miraculous" event was taken as a sign that Yassin’s bloody slaughter of innocent Jews had won him a particularly exalted place in paradise

After Yassin’s death, representatives of various Arab terrorist groups, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad - all armed, funded and trained by the Syrian Muslims - met at their Damascus offices to mourn the mass murderer's passing - Among the Arab Muslim terrorists in attendance was Ramadan Shallah of Islamic Jihad

There is little doubt of this because the self-hating Jews, always craving love and acceptance from their enemies, would have eagerly embraced the dominant Middle East culture through intermarriage and conversion to Islam.

Despite the fact that the Arab Muslims adhere to a religion, Islam, that commands them to destroy the Jews and all other non-Muslims, the Jews have spent the past one hundred years dreaming about peace and co-existence with their Nazi neighbors.

A very sick and self-hating dream, indeed.

Mourning Yassin's death in Lebanon

The fact that the Arabs have openly proclaimed over and over and over again that they are fanatically committed to the complete genocidal annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people has not stopped the demented Jews from dreaming their sick dream.

"We are all Yassin!" - Pakistani Muslims march in tribute to the fallen Hamas mass murderer

In pursuit of this sick dream, most Jews are willing to surrender everything to the Arab Muslim Nazis.

Therefore, G-d has attempted to prevent the Jews from carrying out their suicidal surrender plans.

"Moderate" Jordanian Arab Muslim terrorists and their allies in Amman unfurled a gigantic banner in memory of the "martyred" Yassin

G-d does this by getting the evil Arabs to wage full-scale wars to destroy Israel, and by getting the Arabs to carry out endless savage terrorist attacks on Jewish men, women and children.

"Moderate" Egyptian Muslim university students burned Israeli flags after the death of Hamas spiritual leader and Islamic mass murderer Sheik Ahmed Yassin - Egyptian Muslim Nazi military dictator Hosni Mubarak decried Israel’s targeted killing of the sheik, but failed to mention that Egypt has for decades armed, funded and trained Hamas and other Arab Muslim terrorist mass murderers

How does G-d get the Arabs to attack the Jews? Does G-d control the Arabs or do the Arabs have free will?

Arabs and other evil people have free will to choose between good and evil. But once they choose a path of utter evil, their free will can be taken away from them as part of their punishment for choosing evil.

In the Torah, G-d "hardened Pharaoh's heart," which means G-d took free will away from Pharaoh, causing him to act irrationally. After each one of the ten plagues, a rational ruler would have immediately released the Hebrew slaves after realizing that their G-d has the power to cripple the mighty Egyptian empire. But Pharaoh stubbornly and irrationally refused to let the Hebrew slaves go. Because as the Torah instructs us, G-d hardened Pharaoh's heart, meaning He took away Pharaoh's free will.

In George Bush’s "Muslim democracy" of Iraq, Arab Muslims also mourned the death of Yassin

In the Bible, we see that Jewish kings can also lose their free will if their behavior becomes so wicked that G-d decides that they must be punished severely. This happened to King Saul in the book of Samuel, when it is written that G-d sent "an evil spirit" upon Saul that changed Saul's behavior and caused him to irrationally want to murder his loyal servant David (See 1 Samuel 19:9).

A jubilant Hamas supporter waves the Muslim bible of terror, the Koran

It is clear that G-d, in His mercy toward the Jewish people, has taken free will away from the hopelessly wicked Arab Muslim Nazis. As a result, irrational Arab Muslim behavior has repeatedly saved the Jews from self-destruction.

Iranian Muslim terrorist imam Mohammed Kashani told his followers that the victory of Hamas in Israel would shake the "infidel" world to its core - Kashani stood under photographs of the late Iranian Muslim mass murderer Ayatollah Khomeini and his successor, the Ayatollah Khameini, Iran’s current Muslim terrorist spiritual leader

If the Arabs would just fake it and pretend that they want peace, the Jews would surrender everything and commit national suicide.

Bloody Arabic graffiti praises Hamas founder Sheik Yassin shortly after his March 2004 death

But instead of the Arabs acting cleverly, G-d has caused the Arabs to crudely and brutally leave no doubt as to their genocidal Nazi intentions.

That is why the Arabs responded to Jewish pleas for peace by waging wars in 1948, 1956 and 1967 in which the Muslims swore that they "would push the Jews into the sea and finish Hitler's job."

Arab boys march with posters of the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat, an AIDS-infected pedophile who delighted in raping little boys, Arab and otherwise

And that is why the Arabs have committed literally thousands of savage terrorist attacks against Jewish men, women and children.

CNN toes the PLO Arab Muslim terrorist party line - In a March 12, 2005 story, as in many others, CNN referred to the brutal Arab Muslim terror gang Hamas as a "militant group"

And that is why the Arabs rejected the UN partition plan of 1947 which would have created an Israel so tiny that it would have been impossible to defend militarily. (The always insane Jews accepted the suicidal UN partition plan.)

And that is why after the 1967 Six Day War, the Arabs rejected an offer by the Israeli government to surrender virtually all of the land that Israel liberated in the war in exchange for a "peace" treaty that would not have been worth the paper it is written on.

Among the successful Hamas candidates was an Arab Muslim mother of three sons killed in Islamic terrorist "operations" against innocent Jews - Mariam Farhatis boasted in media interviews and campaign speeches that she felt an irresistible compulsion, a compulsion which no non-Muslim "infidel" could possibly understand, to raise her sons in life’s only true path, jihad (murderous "holy" war) for the sake of Allah. She hoped that her offspring would die in their attacks, she was glad when they did die, and she handed out candy to celebrate their deaths. Her only regret is that she does not have a hundred other sons to sacrifice in the same way.

And that is why the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat rejected Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak's insane offer in the Camp David talks of 2000 for an Israeli retreat from 97% of Judea and Samaria, 100% of the Gaza District and half of Jerusalem in exchange for a "peace" treaty with the PLO Muslim Nazi terrorists.

And that is why in the latest elections, the Arab Muslim Nazis of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District voted overwhelmingly for Hamas, a terrorist organization that openly calls for the annihilation of the Jewish people.

In each instance, a merciful G-d has hardened the hearts of the Arab Muslim Nazis in order to save and protect His people. Tragically, though, the Jews refuse to learn their lesson despite being given so many opportunities.

The only Jews who understand and face reality are JTF's heroic allies, the Hilltop Youth and the Kahanists. The challenge for all righteous Jews and righteous Gentiles in our generation is to do everything possible to assist the Hilltop Youth and the Kahanists in their quest to awaken the Jewish people so that they will fulfill their destiny to become "a light unto the nations," "a holy nation" and "a nation of priests."

JTF supports the political activities of the Hilltop Youth, and therefore is not tax-deductible.

Now the second most powerful leader in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party, Shimon Peres says that "we should negotiate with Hamas as long as Hamas does not bring their machine guns to the negotiations"

The Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA) is strictly non-political. It supports the educational efforts and the humanitarian needs of the Hilltop Youth and right-wing Jewish dissidents and therefore is tax-deductible.

Your generous checks and money orders made out to "VJA" can be sent to:

POB 650327
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

We need loyal, idealistic, Torah-true Jews to lead the struggle against the traitor Sharon's suicidal plan to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel.

George Bush believed that his "road map" would bring "Muslim democracy" to Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District, and he still stubbornly believes that his insane sacrifice of over 2,000 brave American soldiers will bring "Muslim democracy" to Iraq - An Arab voter triumphantly waves an ink-stained finger, an icon of “Muslim democracy,” after the Hamas victory

We have the Torah-true leaders and we have the thousands of young idealists. But they need more money to conduct such a huge and sophisticated campaign.

In the historic struggle for Israel's survival, this is the moment of truth.

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising party for JTF (which is political but not tax-deductible) or VJA (which is tax-deductible and non-political). Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends and associates - you can organize a fundraising party. If you are interested, please contact us.

Second, make out a generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) to "JTF" or "VJA" and send it out right away. If you prefer, you can also mail a cash donation.

The Arab Muslims of Israel - like Arab Muslims everywhere - are now represented - as they always have been - by Arab Muslim terrorists - An Arab Muslim terrorist poses with his rifle and the flag of Hamas

Third, zealously spread the word about the web site. Posting portions of on popular internet message boards is especially effective. We do get many new hits when we are posted.

Fourth, please remember to include the "Jewish Task Force (JTF)" and/or the "Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA)" in your will.

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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