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Those Who Desecrate And Those Who Sanctify
Holocaust Victims' Memory

(Originally published by on March 23, 2005)

Jew-hating world leaders received the red carpet at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and memorial in Jerusalem (March 16, 2005)

In Israel, there are self-hating Jews who desecrate the blessed memory of Holocaust victims (March 16, 2005) - After warning an audience at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and memorial in Jerusalem that the world must never forget the Holocaust's lessons, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met with Egyptian Muslim Nazi dictator Hosni Mubarak and Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, of the PLO to continue the suicidal dismemberment of the Jewish homeland

In Israel, there are self-hating Jews who desecrate the blessed memory of Holocaust victims.

However, there are also Jewish heroes who sanctify the memory of over 6 million innocent Jews who were brutally murdered by the European Nazis.

The Israeli Bolshevik establishment created the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and memorial in Jerusalem not to genuinely learn the lessons of the Holocaust, but rather to control the study of the Holocaust so that Jews will not learn its real lessons.

At the recent Yad Vashem ceremonies, self-hating left-wing Jew Shimon Peres greeted Kofi Annan of the corrupt, Jew-hating United Nations

Last week, yet another large memorial was dedicated at the Yad Vashem museum, in yet another huge ceremony attended by dozens of Jew-hating leaders from around the world
who long for another Holocaust.

PLO Muslim terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas (l.) is a Holocaust denier to whom Ariel Sharon wants to give an independent PLO Muslim terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel

The main speaker at the ceremony was Israeli Bolshevik dictator Ariel Sharon, who told the audience that the world must always remember the lessons of the Holocaust.

The same day, Sharon consulted again with PLO terrorist mass murderer Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, on how to create an independent PLO terrorist state in Yesha (Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District, which are the heartland of Biblical Israel).

Egyptian Muslim Nazism is no less virulent and anti-Semitic than the Jew-hatred of the German Nazis during the Holocaust - While Israel commemorated the Holocaust at the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem, Jew-hating Muslim terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad met in Cairo under the auspices of Egyptian Muslim Nazi dictator Hosni Mubarak (inset) to plan a new Holocaust against the Jewish people. (Among the attendees of the Cairo meeting were PLO Muslim terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas - seated behind the Egyptian flag - and Islamic Jihad terrorist leader Ramadan Shallah.)

Abbas is a Muslim Nazi Holocaust denier who attended Communist Moscow University, where he claimed in his doctoral thesis that the Holocaust is a "Zionist myth."

While the murder of 6 million Jews in the 1940s is a "Jewish lie," according to Abbas, PLO terrorist television and radio claim that it is the Jews who committed a holocaust against "millions of Muslim civilians."

PLO terrorist television and radio - which are completely controlled by Abbas - also hasten to add that "Christian crusader America" has killed "millions of Muslim civilians in Christian crusader-occupied Iraq."

In his speech at Yad Vashem, Sharon warned the world to remain vigilant against the resurgence of neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism.

The same day, Sharon conferred by telephone with Egyptian Nazi dictator Hosni Mubarak on the Sharon plan to hand over the security of southern Israel to the Egyptian Nazi army.

Even leftist Israeli universities and think tanks that have studied the Egyptian news media - which is completely controlled by Mubarak - have concluded that the daily barrage of Nazi Jew-hatred in the Egyptian media is similar to the level of anti-Semitism that existed in the German Nazi media during the height of the Holocaust.

A female "student" at an Islamic "university" in Hebron waves the Muslim terrorist handbook, the Koran (March 15, 2005) - She was praying for Israel's destruction and celebrating the life of the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat, the AIDS-infected pedophile terrorist who was one of the modern age's truest practitioners of Islam

The Egyptian media openly calls for genocide against the Jewish people, and openly boasts that Sharon's plan to allow the Egyptian Nazi army to "guard" tiny Israel's southern border after the Israeli retreat from the entire Gaza District is a major step toward destroying the Jewish homeland.

The self-hating Jewish leftists who run Yad Vashem injected themselves into the debate over Sharon's suicidal program to surrender the entire Gaza District and northern Samaria to the PLO terrorists in July 2005. Yad Vashem publicly condemned Yesha pioneers who wear orange stars of David as a reminder of the yellow stars of David that European Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

The Yesha Jews wear the orange stars because they are being forcibly expelled from their homes just as European Jews were.

The Yad Vashem Stalinists have given special guided tours of the Holocaust museum to Jew-haters like Kofi Annan of the corrupt, Jew-hating United Nations - Annan is seen at left meeting Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom during the recent Yad Vashem dedication ceremony; at right, the black African Jew-hater pays his respects in Ramallah at the tomb of the AIDS-infected pedophile Muslim terrorist Yasser Arafat

The Yad Vashem Bolsheviks had the chutzpah (gall) to say that using Holocaust symbols in the struggle to prevent Israeli national suicide is a desecration of the memory of Holocaust victims.

But when the Yad Vashem Stalinists gave special guided tours of the museum to such Nazi Jew-haters as Egyptian Nazi dictator Anwar Sadat, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson - even though all of these vicious Jew-haters have worked to perpetrate another Holocaust, this time against Israeli Jewry - it is not a desecration of the memory of Holocaust victims.

Indeed, Sharon's behavior as Prime Minister, in which he acts precisely like the Judenrat - the European Jews who collaborated with the German Nazi mass murderers - is also not a desecration of the memory of the Holocaust victims, according to the Yad Vashem Bolsheviks.

Holocaust victims of the German Nazi death camp at Auschwitz

Egomaniacal sewage Jascha Heifetz as a child prodigy - Born in Russia, he was called a "Mozart of the violin," the greatest instrumentalist of the past century

However, as we mentioned in the beginning, there are also Jewish heroes in Israel who sanctify the memory of the over 6 million innocent Jews who were murdered in cold blood.

Last month, the evil Bolshevik newspaper Haaretz made a stunning revelation about a famous Holocaust-related incident which took place in the 1950s.

Jascha Heifetz, the world's best-known violinist, had come to Israel to play music written by notorious German Nazi composers - including the head of the infamous Berlin Philharmonic, who personally organized annual concerts from 1933 to 1945 in honor of German
Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the main guest at the Satanic concerts and the music was
composed in his honor.

Egomaniacal sewage Jascha Heifetz (l.) was a vile self-hating Jew who saw nothing wrong with playing demonic German Nazi music - Heifetz insisted on playing the compositions of German Nazi Reich Music Chamber President Richard Strauss (r.), the official head of the Third Reich's music culture bureaucracy before and during the Holocaust

Adolf Hitler and his musical flunky Richard Strauss - Strauss is seated second from the left; Hitler is in the lower right-hand corner

Like most Jewish musicians, actors, artists and other egomaniacal sewage, Heifetz was a vile self-hating Jew who saw nothing wrong with playing music written by German Nazi demons who brutally massacred over 6 million Jewish men, women and children.

Heifetz's concert created great controversy in Israel. German Nazi death camp survivors bitterly condemned Heifetz.

Jascha Heifetz in a playful mood - He was not so "playful" after Noam Federman's father smashed his arm on a Jerusalem street, convincing him not to continue performing the music of German Nazi composer and conductor - and Hitler henchman - Richard Strauss

However, Heifetz was strongly supported by the Israeli Bolshevik news media and by Israel's first Bolshevik dictator, David Ben Gurion.

Another Hitler musical flunky was Wilhelm Furtwangler, who "never gave the Nazi salute in public" - In large part because "he never gave the Nazi salute in public," Nazi German conductor and composer Wilhelm Furtwangler was pardoned after World War II for complicity in the crimes of the Nazis. Among his Jewish defenders was "Lord" Yehudi Menuhin, a self-hating American Jew granted entry to the British peerage. Furtwangler's recordings include ones of Beethoven symphonies conducted in 1943, at the height of the Holocaust

Then, one evening after his arrival in Israel, Heifetz decided to take a stroll on the streets of Jerusalem.

Suddenly, he was attacked by a Jew shouting, "Judenrat traitor! Six million! Never again!"

An unrepentant German Nazi orchestral conductor who joined the Nazi Party not once but twice - and who died decades later as the richest classical musician in history, worth an incredible $500 million - Herbert von Karajan joined the Nazi Party on April 8, 1933, one day after a Nazi civil service law banned Jews from state posts, and reenlisted on May 1, 1933, one day before a freeze on new membership. Thereupon rising rapidly in an intellectual community from which all Jewish competition was absent, he proudly led oratorios in praise of Hitler, celebrated German Nazi military victories and routinely opened his concerts with a Nazi anthem boasting that "Jewish blood spurts from our knives." After the war, Karajan was lionized in Germany despite - or rather because of - his Nazi past and despite the fact that he was repeatedly caught lying to cover it up. (Karajan conducted fellow Hitler flunky Richard Strauss' tone poem Death and Transfiguration.)

The Jew beat Heifetz with an iron bar and injured his right arm seriously enough so that he had to be hospitalized.

Before the incident, Heifetz had already played in concerts held in several Israeli cities music written by the notorious German Nazi Reich Music Chamber President Richard Strauss, the official head of the Third Reich's music culture bureaucracy before and during the Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler and Herman Goering at performances of German Nazi opera, composed or conducted by Richard Strauss - Intellectuals like Strauss lent credence to German Nazi propaganda that Nazism was "a good thing for Germany" and that the world had nothing to fear from, and could still admire, German culture. (Goering attended Beethoven's Fidelio in 1938; in 1939, Hitler heard Strauss's The Day of Peace.)

After the attack, someone anonymously called Kol Yisrael (Voice of Israel) radio and warned: "This is 'The Hebrew Youth' - inform Heifetz that if he wants to save his left hand, he should leave Israel immediately."

Being a typical Jewish coward, Heifetz did not play the Nazi music at his next performance. When his right arm began to hurt, Heifetz canceled his tour and ran home to his luxury estate in Beverly Hills, California.

"The apple does not fall far from the tree" (March 17, 2005) - In Gush Katif of the Gaza District, heroic young Yesha pioneers surrounded an elderly one during a mass prayer rally against Israel's policy of suicidal surrender to Arab Muslim Nazi terrorism

Heifetz did not return to Israel until 1970, seventeen years later.

Last month, after an extensive renewed investigation by Haaretz and the Israeli police, it was revealed that the Jew who beat and injured the traitor Heifetz was the father of Noam Federman, the spiritual leader of the heroic Hilltop Youth.

A hot topic of conversation in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) cafeteria is Noam Federman's weekly broadcasts, which are accessed by the highest members of Israel's left-wing government - In the photograph, self-hating Jews Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres and Silvan Shalom applaud German President Horst Koehler, whose February 2, 2005 speech in the Knesset was the first address ever delivered there in the German language

"The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree" was the headline in Haaretz, in reference to how Noam has continued in his father's footsteps.

Meanwhile, Bolshevik Israeli radio reported last week that one of the new hot topics of conversation in the cafeteria of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) is Noam Federman's stirring weekly internet program that airs in the Hebrew section of

Israeli Cabinet ministers and Knesset members listen each week to see whom Noam will attack this time, and what new advice he is giving to the Hilltop Youth activists who are leading the struggle against Sharon's evil expulsion program.

Whose side are you on in this historic battle to save the Land of Israel?

Praying for another Holocaust (March 17, 2005) - Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists at their Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist prayers

Self-hating Jewish leftists like Ariel Sharon and the officials of Yad Vashem, or courageous Jewish patriots like Noam Federman and the Hilltop Youth?

The choice is yours.

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An Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist, a member of Mahmoud Abbas' Muslim terrorist Fatah (Conquest) party (March 17, 2005)

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A heroic Yesha pioneer mother prays with her child in Gush Katif of the Gaza District (March 17, 2005)

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Fighting to save America and Israel
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Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
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