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Ben Pesach Speech Interrupted
At Washington Rally (Part 2)

(Originally published by on June 7, 2006)

The timeless principles of Rabbi Meir Kahane (pictured above) are alive today in the followers of JTF and the Hilltop Youth
Meanwhile, however, Rabbi Kahane's name and that of the JDL are exploited by Jewish traitors for their own aggrandizement and profit

Click on Rabbi Kahane's image or HERE for last week's article in this series

Last week, we reviewed the glorious history of the Jewish Defense League when it was run by HaRav (The Rabbi) Meir Kahane, zecher tzadik livracha (may the memory of this saint be immortalized) and Chaim Ben Pesach. We also explained that after Rabbi Kahane was assassinated by Al Qaeda Muslim Nazi terrorists, and while Ben Pesach was in prison, evil opportunists took over the once great JDL. (To read last week's article, Ben Pesach Speech Interrupted At Washington Rally (Part 1), click HERE.)

Jewish American hero Jonathan Pollard's espionage prevented Saddam Hussein from developing a Muslim terrorist nuclear weapon - But according to the late Irv Rubin (r.), and to other Jewish traitors who call themselves JDL members, the imprisoned Pollard deserves to be given the death penalty for his heroic actions. (Rubin appeared on national television shortly after September 11th wearing an American flag tie; a few months later, he was arrested for plotting to blow up a Los Angeles mosque.)

After Irv Rubin committed suicide in prison, his wife Shelley took over the JDL.

Shelley Rubin has continued the treasonous policies of her despicable husband.

The imposters who call themselves JDL are opportunists eager to cash in on the JDL's magnificent legacy - After Irv Rubin's death, a legal battle broke out among his cohorts for the "intellectual property" rights to the JDL's fist-and-star logo, which is a cash cow for anybody who owns it. (Notice that the B'nai Elim logo, a wreathed (victorious) fist comparable to Israel's seal (a wreathed menorah, in memory of heroic victories both ancient and modern) bears only a passing resemblance to the coveted fist-and-star, which is now the lucrative intellectual property of Shelley Rubin. Ironically, both the JDL logo and the phrase "Never again!" - also co-opted by Shelley Rubin - were created by the great Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose principles have been betrayed by the very people who pretend to represent him.)

For example, Irv Rubin supported the insane Israeli retreat from the entire Sinai and other Israeli surrenders. He had the chutzpah (gall) to support these retreats from the G-d-given Land of Israel in the name of the JDL.

Following in her husband's evil footsteps, Shelley Rubin publicly supported Israeli Bolshevik dictator Arik Sharon's monstrous decision to expel 10,000 Jews from their homes in the Gaza District and northern Samaria last summer.

Sharon expelled the Jews in order to hand over these sacred Jewish lands to the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist mass murderers. Sharon said that his goal was to create an independent Hamas-PLO Muslim Nazi terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel.

Shelley Rubin, in the name of the JDL, warned that Jews must support Sharon.

In a statement posted on the JDL web site on February 16, 2005, Shelley Rubin writes:

"....the Jewish Defense League will never involve itself in the internal politics of the Jewish state...."

Translation: JDL will never oppose any decision of the Israeli Bolshevik regime even if the decision constitutes national suicide for the Jewish people.

"....But while we may have philosophical differences with the Israeli government regarding the status of Jewish lands that were liberated in 1967, we recognize that only Israel's citizenry has
the authority to terminate the plan through the democratic process...."

A heroic Jew wounded during the February 1, 2006 battle for Amona - Self-hating Jews like Irv and Shelley Rubin, who cashed in on the fame of the JDL, have not only not supported resistance to Israeli suicide, they have done everything in their power to undermine it

Translation: Israeli citizens have the right to "terminate" Israel's control over the G-d-given Jewish lands that were liberated in the 1967 Six Day War.

In fact, Torah Judaism, which Irv and Shelley Rubin never believed in, makes it clear that no one, including "Israeli citizenry," has the right to surrender one inch of the Land of Israel, which belongs to the Jewish people for all generations. If this generation of Jews decides to retreat, it is an unforgivable betrayal of all Jews in both past and future generations.

Just because the leaders of Israel have been "democratically elected" does not mean that we must allow them to lead us down the path to ruin - Far left-wing Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, who wants to destroy Judea and Samaria in favor of a Hamas-PLO Arab Muslim terrorist state, chose as his minister of "defense" the equally far-left wing Amir Peretz, a deliberate Stalin lookalike who shares Olmert's fervent desire to unilaterally surrender the sacred Jewish heartland

Furthermore, the Land of Israel belongs to the entire Jewish people throughout the world, not just "Israeli citizenry." One-fifth of "Israeli citizenry" are Arab Muslim Nazis who are committed to the destruction of the Jewish people. Under the "democratic process" that Shelley Rubin and the new "JDL" endorse, Arab Muslim Nazis who are Israeli citizens have the right to demand that little Israel make suicidal retreats, but Jews throughout the world who are not Israeli citizens have no right to demand that Israel not commit suicide.

Shelley the ugly traitor then continues to write in the name of the JDL:

"....We are sickened to have heard reports that there are individuals within Jewish circles who will go to any length to prevent Ariel Sharon's plans from coming to fruition.... Ariel Sharon remains the greatest Israeli general of modern times.... Regardless of the merits of Sharon's decisions on the matter of disengagement, he is the democratically elected prime minister...."

Ehud Olmert and his foreign minister Tzipi Livni are funding the Hamas Arab Muslim terrorists in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District - Olmert and Livni claim that aiding Islamic terrorists is necessary for "humanitarian" reasons, an argument which the U.S. Congress rejected when it voted overwhelmingly to cut off all funds to Hamas, listed by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist entity

Translation: Because Sharon is "democratically elected," we are not allowed to oppose the expulsion of thousands of Jewish families from their homes, the surrender of G-d-given Jewish land to Arab Muslim Nazi mass murderers, the creation of an independent Hamas-PLO terrorist state in the Biblical heartland of Israel, and an agenda of insane retreats until tiny Israel returns to suicidal borders that are only 6 to 10 miles wide.

Self-hating Jews like Irv and Shelley Rubin do not care about the fact that "democracy" is not a Jewish concept, and that even when the majority decide to do something immoral or evil, the Torah obligates us to oppose the decision. One of the Torah commandments is: "You shall not follow a multitude to do evil." (Exodus 23:2)

The Arabs of Israel could not possibly make their Jew-hatred more apparent - To which Israel's self-hating Jewish leaders have responded by promising to engage in the abject surrender of Jewish land

But even if we were to adopt the very un-Jewish concept of "democracy," Rubin's argument is absurd.

Are Americans not allowed to oppose George Bush's amnesty for illegal aliens because Bush was "democratically elected"? Do we hold elections once every four years to elect a dictator whom we are not allowed to oppose because he was "democratically elected"?

A row of Arab Muslim terrorists, dressed as Arab Muslim terrorist suicide bombers, attend the February 1, 2006 funeral of a fellow Arab Muslim terrorist - The funeral took place on the same day as the Hilltop Youth's heroic struggle to save to the Jewish community of Amona from destruction by Israel's self-hating rulers. (One Arab Muslim terrorist carried an ax, an ideal weapon for hacking off the limbs of non-Muslim "infidels," as all Muslims are commanded to do in the Koran.)

We are not allowed to fight the dictator's policies until the next election in four years? Until the next election, the dictator has a blank check to do whatever he pleases without opposition?

* Hitler was also "democratically elected."

* The Hamas Muslim Nazi terrorists were "democratically elected" several months ago.

Never again? - Self-hating Jew Shelley Rubin argues in favor of allowing evil Israeli leaders to surrender G-d-given Jewish land to Arab Muslim terrorist mass murderers

* The Muslim Nazi terrorist dictator of Iran was "democratically
elected" last year.

No wonder Irv and Shelley Rubin never got along with Chaim Ben Pesach.

Someone who did get along with Irv Rubin is Bill Maniaci. Maniaci eventually succeeded Rubin as the new leader of the JDL. He also works with Matt Finberg, who disrupted Chaim Ben Pesach's speech in Washington.

One of the B'nai Elim frauds who interrupted Chaim Ben Pesach's Washington speech - Unlike Ben Pesach, B'nai Elim members never did anything worthwhile on behalf of the Jewish people

Next week, in our final article on this subject, we will explore how Maniaci and Feinberg continued the treasonous betrayal of the once glorious JDL. However, despite their evil intentions, good things still came out of Chaim's speech in Washington. Next week, we will reveal why the reaction to Chaim's speech may yet help us in our struggle to save the Land of Israel.

Rabbi Meir Kahane at a 1971 press conference - Rabbi Kahane, the self-sacrificing leader of the true and only JDL, embodied the Biblical ideal of a Jewish "light unto the nations." (He cannot be compared with the imposters who parasitize his legacy.)

To be continued....

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Rabbi Meir Kahane is led away in handcuffs from a May 1971 JDL protest at the Soviet embassy in Washington - The event made front-page headlines in newspapers all around the world

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We have the Torah-true leaders and we have the thousands of young idealists. But they need more money to conduct such a huge and sophisticated campaign.

Six Bolshevik Israeli policewomen drag away a heroic Jewish pioneer woman during the May 2006 expulsions from Hebron, Judaism's second most sacred city

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Israel's leaders and their treasonous collaborators in the United States - including those who profane the memory of the once great JDL - are willing to see the beautiful Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria destroyed in favor of a pestilential Arab Muslim terrorist state

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
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All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
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