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Arab Muslim Nazi Mahmoud Abbas
Continues Arafat's Terrorist Genocide

(Originally published by on January 19, 2005)

Mahmoud Abbas is given the Nazi salute by members of his own Muslim terrorist PLO Fatah party at a January 4, 2005 "election" rally
George Bush and Ariel Sharon have hailed Abbas' victory as proof that democracy is possible under Islam

PLO terrorist attacks continue unabated in Israel - A January 15, 2005 double suicide bombing at a Gaza District checkpoint, which murdered six Israeli border guards, was praised by PLO terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas as the work of "martyrs" and "heroes"

The new leader of the PLO terrorists, Mahmoud Abbas - hailed by the Jew-hating news media as a "moderate" - is continuing the late and unlamented Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat's campaign of Nazi terrorist genocide against the Jewish people.

Last week, Abbas' Fatah terrorist organization proudly claimed responsibility for a double Islamic suicide bombing that slaughtered six Israeli border guards.

Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, initially praised the Muslim suicide bombers as "martyrs" and "heroes."

Deliberately wearing around his neck a kaffiah (Arab headdress) like the one which the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat wore as a symbol of Islamic jihad (holy war), Mahmoud Abbas has promised to destroy the "Zionist enemy"

When even the appeasing left-wing regime of Bolshevik Israeli dictator Ariel Sharon cut off negotiations with the PLO terrorists in response to the latest Islamic bloodbath, Abbas then said that Israel's wimpy self-defense measures are what provoke the Muslim terrorist attacks.

Using the same exact language that Arafat used after such attacks, Abbas said that both the Muslim terrorist attacks and the wimpy Israeli response are "not helpful to the ceasefire negotiations."

The Jew-hating American news media and the self-hating Israeli Bolshevik news media always deliberately mistranslate Abbas' calls for a temporary ceasefire as a call for "peace."

PLO terrorist Sesame Street - In a recent installment of the PLO media indoctrination of Arab children to commit murderous acts of Islamic terrorist violence against helpless innocents, a puppet bird told its audience that they must use "AK-47 assault rifles" to show the world what Muslims think of Jews and all other non-Muslim "infidels." (The director of the PLO terrorist network (bottom l.), which is funded by U.S. and Israeli taxpayer dollars, defended the broadcast as Muslim "free speech.")

Abbas - like all other Arab Muslim leaders - never calls for peace with Israel, America or any other non-Muslim "infidels" when speaking in Arabic.

When referring to treaties or agreements with Israel, America or other non-Muslim "infidels," Abbas always calls for "salaam" - the Arab word for a temporary ceasefire.

Abbas never uses the word "suhl" - which means genuine peace in Arabic.

What is most incredible is how no one in the Jew-hating news media bothers to point out that when Abbas says that Muslim terrorist attacks are "not helpful," he is referring to the Muslim terrorist attacks which he himself has ordered his subordinates in the Fatah terrorist gang to carry out.

Abbas himself gives the orders to massacre innocent Jews, then praises the Muslim terrorists who work for him as "martyrs" and "heroes," and then says in English only that the murderous atrocities which he himself is responsible for are "not helpful."

This is the same Nazi game that Arafat played. Indeed, it is the same Nazi game that the "prophet" Mohammed played.

On January 9, 2005, the PLO terrorists held an "election" in which the Arab Muslim Nazis in Yesha (Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District) were supposed to elect a "president" for the new independent PLO terrorist state which George Wahabi Bush and Ariel Sharon want to create in Israel's Biblical heartland.

The left-wing, Muslim-loving media continues to portray the Arab Muslim terrorist Mahmoud Abbas as a "moderate"

First, the PLO terrorists voted unanimously to nominate Abbas as their candidate.

Second, all other possible serious candidates were forced out of the race with the clear understanding that if they did not withdraw from running, they would be murdered. The Bolshevik news media in America and Israel supported this "democratic" process of eliminating all serious opposition to Abbas, with news stories explaining that it was necessary to do this for the sake of "Arab unity."

Can one imagine George Bush threatening to murder John Kerry if he did not withdraw from the U.S. Presidential race in the name of "American unity"? Would the Bolshevik news media support and justify such an action as necessary for "American unity"?

Third, the voting on January 9th was rigged and riddled with massive fraud. On "election" day, very few voters came to the polls because everyone knew the results in advance. So Abbas and the PLO terrorists ordered that the polling places remain open an extra two hours; that Arab Muslim Nazis be permitted to vote anywhere even if they do not live in the polling area; and that there be no checking of voters to see if their names appear on voting lists or to see if they voted more than once.

Israel's left-wing authorities want to ethnically cleanse the liberated Jewish Biblical lands of their beautiful Jewish pioneering communities in favor of an Arab Muslim terrorist state and primitive, filthy, diseased Arab hovels like the ones shown above

As a result, Abbas' PLO terrorists arrived at the polling places and stuffed the ballot boxes with tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots. This way, the PLO terrorists could claim that 62% of eligible Arabs voted, when in fact the real number is less than 30%.

The "election" was such a fraudulent farce that 46 of Abbas' own election commissioners resigned in protest on January 15, 2005. Once again, these 46 Arab election commissioners who resigned in protest were appointed by Abbas himself to oversee the "election" process.

Although this massive fraud was self-evident on "election" day, January 9th, the hundreds of "international observers" who came to witness this farce never uttered a word of criticism against Abbas or the PLO terrorists.

The Jew-hater Jimmy Carter congratulates "moderate" Arab Muslim terrorist Mahmoud Abbas on his rigged election victory - Carter called George Bush's 2000 White House victory fraudulent but judged the PLO terrorist election "fair" even though all candidates in opposition to Abbas were threatened with murder if they did not withdraw from the race

On the contrary, Jew-hating former President Jimmy Carter and the other "international observers" praised the "fairness" of the PLO terrorist "elections."

Carter, who claimed that the U.S. Presidential election in 2000 was rigged in Florida in order to help George W. Bush steal the White House, found that the PLO terrorist "election" was properly run.

The thousands of Bolshevik, Jew-hating "journalists" from around the world who covered the PLO terrorist "election" also proclaimed that the process was fair.

George Wahabi Bush and Ariel Sharon immediately called Abbas on the telephone to congratulate him on his "resounding victory."

British Nazi Prime Minister Tony Blair with PLO terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas - Blair and Abbas are standing before an image of the Dome of the Rock mosque, a symbol of Islam's wish for the annihilation of Israel

The White House and the U.S. State Department issued enthusiastic statements pointing to the PLO terrorist "election" as proof that democracy is possible in the Muslim world.

Abbas dedicated his "election" victory in part to the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat, who recently died of AIDS - Arafat is shown making the hajj (pilgrimage) to Muslim terrorist Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the heart of global Islamic terrorism

The next day, Bush told reporters that Abbas was now welcome to visit the White House, and that little Israel had to do her part to advance the "peace" process by surrendering more of her G-d-given Jewish land to the PLO Nazi terrorists.

In his victory speech, Abbas dedicated his "election" victory to the "shahidim" (Muslim terrorist suicide bombers). He also dedicated his victory to the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat, who recently died of AIDS.

Israel's Arab Muslim "peace" partners make their "peaceful" intentions known - In a banner celebrating PLO Arab Muslim terrorism, a masked terrorist stands on a pile of Jewish skulls

Abbas promised to continue to fight in the spirit of the "shahidim" and in the spirit of his lifelong mentor Arafat.

"The little jihad [holy war] has ended. The big jihad now begins," Abbas said.

"The little jihad has ended. The big jihad now begins." - In his victory speech, newly "elected" PLO terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas praised his army of suicide bombers and other Muslim terrorists, and promised to greatly increase his efforts to exterminate the Jewish homeland. (In the photograph, an Israeli medic removes Jewish body parts from a baby stroller after a murderous Arab Muslim terrorist suicide bus bombing carried out by the PLO under orders from Arafat and Abbas.)

Abbas again vowed to flood little Israel with millions of Arab Muslim Nazi "refugees" - a clear call for the destruction of the Jewish State.

As Abbas' PLO terrorist bombs, mortars and missiles continue to explode in the cities and towns of southern Israel on a daily basis, Ariel Sharon and his traitor government remain determined to retreat from the entire Gaza District and northern Samaria in order to create an independent PLO terrorist state in Yesha - which is the heart and soul of the Jewish people.

Sharon's evil plan to create a PLO terrorist state in Israel's Biblical heartland is national suicide for the Jewish people.

Sharon's evil plan to create a PLO terrorist state in Israel's Biblical heartland is national suicide for the Jewish people - Sharon (seated, c.) is shown with his equally corrupt son Omri, an Israeli Knesset (Parliament) member (standing, c.), and phony "right-winger" Binyamin Netanyahu (r.), who has joined the coalition of national suicide

Only JTF and its allies in Israel were right from the start in warning Israeli Jews that there is no difference between the Nazi Mahmoud Abbas and the Nazi Yasser Arafat.

Only JTF and its allies in Israel can stop Sharon's suicidal plan to expel Yesha Jews from their G-d-given homes.

Only JTF and its allies have been right from the start, and only JTF and its allies can stop the madness of Jewish national suicide - Right-wing Jewish dissident hero and JTF ally Noam Federman (in the skullcap) confronted Ahmed Tibi, an Arab member of the Israeli Knesset who, like PLO terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas, has openly praised Arab Muslim terrorism and called for the annihilation of the Jewish homeland

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Jewish heroine Nadia Matar of the right-wing Women in Green - Nadia's group has been calling on Israeli soldiers to refuse Ariel Sharon's Bolshevik order to remove their fellow Jews from their Biblical homes in Yesha, the G-d-given Jewish heartland

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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