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Traitor American Jury Spares
September 11th Monster

(Originally published by on May 10, 2006)

The Florence, Colorado federal prison
to which Moussaoui was sentenced

Last week, an American jury decided not to impose the death penalty on Zacarias Moussaoui, the 37-year-old Moroccan Muslim Nazi. This was in spite of the irrefutable fact that Moussaoui imposed the death penalty on 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11th, 2001.

Moussaoui knew about the planned September 11th Muslim terrorist attacks. When he was caught and arrested prior to September 11th, he refused to tell the FBI about the planned attacks. Had he warned law enforcement about the planned hijackings, 3,000 innocent Americans would be alive today.

The ugly face of Islamic terrorism - Moussaoui openly boasted of his involvement in September 11th and expressed his regret that the "Magnificent 19" - as Muslim media across the globe refers to the September 11th terrorist hijackers - were not the "Magnificent 20"

Moussaoui grinned as his victims recounted their suffering and the suffering of their loved ones - He responded by laughing in their faces and saying that not enough Americans had died on September 11th

All of these facts were presented to the evil, cowardly jury that decided to spare this Muslim monster's life. When the federal prosecutors presented these facts to the jury, none of Moussaoui's defense attorneys disputed any of the prosecution's claims.

On the contrary, Moussaoui openly bragged in court about his involvement in the September 11th Islamic terrorist conspiracy. And Moussaoui boasted that he knew exactly what the Al Qaeda Muslim terrorists were planning to do on September 11th, but refused to tell the FBI because he wanted to see thousands of Americans murdered.

On his way to meet Osama Bin Laden - In the months before September 11th, Moussaoui traveled freely from France to Britain, where he boarded a plane for Pakistan. From that Muslim terrorist nation, closely allied to the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden, he made his way into Afghanistan. There, he met Bin Laden and was told that he had been selected for the September 11th "operation.")

On the eve of September 11th, authorities in Minnesota became suspicious of Moussaoui, a foreign national in a flying school without a pilot's license, and jailed him on an immigration violation - But thanks to legal "walls" set up during the Clinton years between various federal security agencies, Moussaoui's ties to the other September 11th hijackers did not become known until after the Muslim terrorist atrocities

Moussaoui pleaded guilty to six counts of terrorist conspiracy. He said that he wanted to plead guilty because he was proud to be a member of Al Qaeda, he was proud to have assisted in the planning for the September 11th attacks, and he was proud that he lied to the FBI prior to September 11th in order to enable the attacks to go forward.

Moussaoui explained in court that all Muslims are obligated by the Islamic religion to work for the destruction of America. He explained that he was pleased that thousands of Americans were murdered on September 11th because the goal of Islam is to exterminate the entire American people.

When the families of the September 11th victims testified in court about what happened to their loved ones, Moussaoui laughed at them and mocked them. When a wife tearfully described how her heroic firefighter husband gave his life saving others, the Muslim monster laughed loudly and made sneering faces at the widow.

Despite her son's many confessions of his guilt, Aicha Wafi, Moussaoui's mother, continues to insist that he is "innocent" and was framed by the American government, which is anti-Islamic and racist - Wafi, who says that "race and color" were to blame for her son’s prosecution, insists that American and Israeli secret services were responsible for September 11th

The jurors said that they decided to spare the Muslim terrorist's life because he played "only" a minor role in the September 11th Islamic attacks.

Moussaoui is a "scapegoat" - Expressing delight that Moussaoui escaped the death penalty, Patrick Baudoin said that his fellow Frenchman was a "scapegoat" whose prosecution had exposed the West's "double standard" in its war on terror. (Baudoin is a lawyer and the honorary president of the International Federation for Human Rights, an organization which clearly has no concern for the rights of 3,000 Americans murdered on September 11th.)

Even if that is true, his intentions were to murder as many innocent Americans as possible, and he enthusiastically joined an Islamic conspiracy that actually did result in the slaughter of 3,000 innocent human beings.

Terrorist acts of mass murder cannot succeed without the assistance of those who are willing to play a "minor" role in aiding and abetting the Muslim butchers. In reality, there is no such thing as a "minor" role when it comes to such monstrous crimes. Anyone who assists the Muslim terrorists in any way has no regard for
innocent human life, and therefore forfeits their own right to live.

A bloodied victim of Muslim terrorism is treated for her injuries at the World Trade Center

Everyday New Yorkers watched in horror as hapless victims of Islamic terrorism leaped to their deaths from the burning World Trade Center

In the Moussaoui case, we see conclusive proof that morally there is no such thing as playing a "minor" role when assisting Muslim terrorist mass murderers. Had Moussaoui revealed the Al Qaeda hijacking plot when he was being questioned by the FBI after his arrest on August 16, 2001, 3,000 innocent Americans would be alive today. The families of these 3,000 murdered victims would have been spared the horrific agony that they have been forced to endure.

This unspeakably evil behavior and the unspeakably evil result are "minor"? This Muslim Nazi beast does not deserve death?

Moussaoui bragged in court that he lied about the plans for September 11th because he wanted to see thousands of Americans killed - Body parts from passengers aboard the doomed airliners which crashed into the World Trade Center were strewn across lower Manhattan "like confetti"

This insane jury decision is part of the American disease of objectivity. Americans always have to objective. There is no black and white, only gray. There are no moral absolutes.

Pakistani Muslims celebrate the life and deeds of Osama Bin Laden

We always have to see things through the eyes of our enemies. We always have to bend over backwards to be "fair" and "impartial" with evil people who naturally exploit this lunatic objectivity.

It is impossible to win a war with this attitude. And if we lose the war that Islam is waging against us, we will not survive.

In the Bible, G-d gives us moral absolutes. The Bible is black and white, not gray. The Bible shows us that in this world there is a constant struggle between good and evil. Compromising with evil is evil. Being "fair" and "objective" and "impartial" and "evenhanded" with evil is evil. Tolerating evil is evil.

Osama Bin Laden is adulated by young and old alike in Muslim nations throughout the world - A masked boy celebrated the Arab Muslim terrorist mastermind by holding up a poster of him in Bahrain, an "ally" in America's war on terror

The Islamic Nazi religion that orders all Muslims to either forcibly convert or physically annihilate all non-Muslims is the ultimate example of a viciously evil ideology.

We must be fair, impartial and objective only with people who are also fair, impartial and objective.

With Muslim terrorist monsters who massacre 3,000 innocent Americans, and then laugh at the grieving family members - we must do to the Muslim terrorists what they want to do us.

The tragic ripples of September 11th - Her parents say that actress Debralee Scott, familiar to 1970s television viewers of the soap opera Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, drank herself to death after her fiance, Port Authority police officer John Dennis Levi, fell victim to Islamic terrorism at the World Trade Center

Shame on the evil jury that spared the life of this piece of Islamic sewage.

Shame on all of the evil people in our society who care more about the "rights" of murderous beasts than about the rights of their innocent victims.

"Allah curse America! Allah bless Osama Bin Laden!" - Moussaoui chanted as he was led out of the courtroom after his sentencing

A pregnant widow of the September 11th terrorist attacks gave birth to a daughter in April 2002

There is no way to save America from moral and spiritual destruction - which will lead to physical destruction - unless right-wing righteous Gentiles are prepared to lead a massive civil disobedience revolt against the traitors destroying this once great nation.

"Winning hearts and minds" in the wimpy war on terror - An American doctor doles out medical treatment to Muslims on Jolo island of the Philippines, a stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf Muslim terrorists closely linked to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda

After the World Trade Center collapsed on hundreds of firefighters and policemen, rescuers heard the transponders of the victims "chirping like crickets" in the ruins

If we are willing to mobilize now, it is not too late to save America. For the sake of America, Israel and the West, we hope and pray that we can motivate G-d-fearing American patriots to act.

In your heart, you know we're right. And in your guts, you know they're nuts.

Every generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) made out to "JTF" (which is political and not tax-deductible) or to "VJA" (which is fully tax-deductible and non-political) makes a huge difference. You can also send cash donations if you wish.

Do not depend on others to do your part! G-d only blesses those who do their own part!

May G-d bless all of our loyal supporters and their loved ones.

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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