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New York Nazi Times "Queer Nation"

(Originally published by on September 30, 1998)

Saida Sultana is a transsexual Israeli singer who has taken an Arab Muslim name and is much admired in Egypt

An Israeli homosexual takes pride in dressing like the Jew-killing rulers of ancient Egypt - But he takes no pride in his tiny nation's relentless battle against Arab Muslim terrorism, which he calls "occupation"

The Israel-bashing New York Nazi Times, which for more than a century has been under the control of the demonic, self-hating Sulzberger family, has found a new cause to champion: the promotion of transgendered people.

What is transgendered, you may wonder?

An example comes from a veteran New York Nazi Times copy editor named "Dennis," who has posted a memo around the West 43rd Street offices announcing that he is now "Donna." The 51-year-old has been taking estrogen and has had his beard removed with electrolysis before his pending "sexual reassignment surgery."

Dennis - or is it Donna? - knew that he (she) would be treated like a hero (heroine) at the Nazi Times after seeing the adoring portrayal in the Sunday Nazi Times magazine of the former David Buechner, a classical pianist who is now known as Sara Buechner.

Flaming homosexual singer Elton John and his "partner" at a Kennedy Center bash

The only completely admirable character on The Simpsons, Dr. Julius Hibbard, is not only black but also homosexual

The Nazi Times calls this "transgendering." The newspaper regards it as perfectly natural and writes with exasperation over how narrow-minded people would find something strange in any of this.

The Nazi Times story explains: "At lesbian bars, he was seen as a predatory man masquerading as a woman. At gay men's bars, he was often dismissed as a weekend drag queen. 'Everywhere I went, I was viewed as a freak,' she says."

The Nazi Times notes: "Contrary to popular perception, many transgendered people are heterosexual."

In the first such New York case of its kind, Larry Courtney (l.), a homosexual state government employee, sued for worker's compensation death benefits after the loss of his black "spouse," Eugene Clark, in the September 11th Muslim terrorist atrocities - Courtney, who says that "we were spouses, we were a married couple," was represented by New York attorney Adam Aronson

Bisexual teenager Sarah Kolb, 18, was given 53 years in prison for murdering and dismembering a girlfriend whom she suspected was a rival for her boyfriend's affection

Does that mean a man who turns himself into a woman has sex with men? Or does the newly created female have sex with women?

Is either scenario heterosexual? After reading the article, we are more confused than Donna or Sara.

The Nazi Times, though, is not confused at all. They threw a shower for the new "woman" on the staff, giving Donna female
clothing to help build up her wardrobe.

A lesbian

And this is the "newspaper of record" that demented Jews rely upon for "all the news that's
fit to twist."

Far left-wing homosexual Hollywood personality Rosie "Love Boat" O'Donnell - At the height of her popularity, she was in negotiations to produce a homosexual version of The Love Boat, a popular 1970s television series

Needless to say, all Jews and righteous Gentiles should avoid this rag like the AIDS-infected plague that it is.

This anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, decadent newspaper should be completely boycotted. No decent person should ever buy the Nazi Times, or advertise in it, under any circumstances whatsoever.

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