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How New York Went
From World's Greatest City
To Third World Jungle

(Originally published by on January 26, 2005)

Puerto Rican children play amid the ruins of the South Bronx
Once a highly fashionable white neighborhood, the South Bronx has become a Third World war zone

Until the 1940s, New York City was safe, clean and beautiful - Present-day white New Yorkers make their way past a black loafer and a pile of garbage reminiscent of the Third World

A New York City alcoholic

The rise and fall of New York - once the world's greatest city - to a nightmarish Third World jungle is a story that should haunt every American. Because what happened to New York City demographically is what is quickly happening to all of America. Within the foreseeable future, America will have a non-white Third World majority population that will forever destroy this once great nation unless the American people wake up and act.

Up until the 1940s, New York was an incredibly safe, clean and beautiful city.

There was very little violent crime in the city even during the peak years of the Great Depression in the 1930s when more than 25% of New Yorkers were unemployed.

New Yorkers were literally starving during the Depression years. Every day, there were long lines of hungry New Yorkers waiting on bread lines that were set up to hand out free bread, or on soup lines that churches and synagogues established to meet the desperate needs of the city's residents.

"Crime does pay" - Graffiti-covered subway cars were once a common sight in New York City - and although a cosmetic campaign has removed the offensive "art," its root source, the city's highly criminal Third World majority, has not only not gone away, it is in fact increasing daily, by leaps and bounds

New Yorkers wait politely, hat in hand, for the charity of a 1932 Depression-era bread line - Despite crushing poverty and sometimes starvation, white New Yorkers - native residents and European immigrants alike - routinely left their doors unlocked in a city in which there was very little violent crime and in which robbery and burglary were practically unheard of

Despite severe poverty and even starvation, New Yorkers often left their doors unlocked when they left their homes because burglaries and robberies were almost unheard of.

"The city that never sleeps!" - a slogan that describes New York's exciting night life - was safe 24 hours a day.

After World War II came the first disastrous changes. Starting in the late 1940s, a huge immigration was initiated from Puerto Rico to New York. Left-wing Democrat politicians, labor union bosses, and journalists started encouraging Puerto Ricans to move from their Carribean island to New York.

A South Bronx bodega, abandoned for a year with meat and other food still on its shelves, and crawling with rats - A student of the Bronx Science College told a reporter that he could recognize individual rats on the sidewalk

The leftists realized that Puerto Rican immigrants would be natural allies of the Left.

Geraldo "Nazi Pig" Rivera marches as a guest of honor in a New York City Puerto Rican Day parade - The annual event is regularly marked by violence, including sexual assaults on women spectators; Rivera, who is of Jewish and Puerto Rican parentage, is a notorious left-winger who once referred to Israeli soldiers as "Nazi pigs"

Since Puerto Rico is defined as a "Commonwealth" of the United States, all residents of the island are automatically U.S. citizens. Puerto Ricans can therefore move to anywhere in the United States with full citizenship rights.

Therefore, U.S. law does not define Puerto Ricans as "immigrants." However, since we at JTF consider Puerto Rico to be a foreign country - even if it is foolishly classified as part of the United States - we will refer to Puerto Ricans as immigrants.

"Crack!" - A drug-addled South Bronx "artist" and his drug-addled "art"

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans flooded into New York in the 1950s and 1960s, creating new Hispanic neighborhoods such as Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx.

A sad survivor of a bygone era - The pretty art deco lobby of the Fish Building, on the Bronx's once fashionable Grand Concourse, reminds the visitor that the area was not always a dirty, dangerous, diseased Third World hell hole

With the Puerto Rican immigration came a new phenomenon: massive violent crime, including murder, rape, robbery, mugging, burglary, drug use, drug smuggling and drug dealing.

A bleak reminder of better times - In a New York ghetto stairwell stained with graffiti and urine, a little black girl stands on an elegant mosaic floor, a forlorn memorial of the building's once stylish past

Spanish Harlem was a safe, clean and beautiful neighborhood until the Puerto Rican invasion turned it into a nightmare.

Italian, Jewish, Irish, Greek and Slavic residents of East Harlem fled the neighborhood in horror as buildings were burned down and vandalized, citizens were shot to death by murderous criminals in broad daylight, women were raped in hallways and elevators, and thousands of apartments were burglarized.

Blame it all on the "gringo" - After destroying one of the loveliest neighborhoods in the nation, South Bronx residents assign the responsiblity for their misery not on themselves but on what they allege are the "broken promises" of white Anglo society. (A doll lies amid the incredible ruins of the South Bronx, which to this day resemble a Third World war zone.)

Soon few whites lived north of East 116th Street. Then the plague spread until few whites lived north of East 96th Street.

One of America's worst slums - in sight of the Capitol - A drug-infested, crime-infested black ghetto in Washington, DC, with the Capitol dome in the background

What happened in Spanish Harlem also happened in the South Bronx. With a vengeance.

The South Bronx, with its majestic apartment buildings on rolling hills, was an upper middle class Jewish neighborhood. Jewish professionals - lawyers, doctors, engineers and teachers lived in the flourishing community.

Left-wing New York City Mayor John Lindsay with left-wing President Lyndon Johnson at the White House - Like Lindsay, LBJ was a self-hating white whose "Great Society" welfare entitlement program and "civil rights" legislation wreaked immense and lasting havoc on the American body politic

The South Bronx soon became one of the worst neighborhoods in America, with one of the highest violent crime rates in the country.

Many of the South Bronx's majestic, exclusive apartment buildings were set on fire and burned down to the ground, leaving only charred empty shells.

Black drug addicts in a "shooting gallery" within sight of the nation's Capitol - The Washington, DC drug abusers at first attacked the journalist who came to record their images for posterity; later, however, they allowed him to witness their parasitic, anti-social, self-destructive behavior. The filthy sty in which they conducted their criminal activity was the scene of a female addict's murder. A police officer was shot and wounded in the hallway.

To try to cover up the ugly scene of hundreds of burned-out buildings, Mayor Ed Koch in the 1980s ordered that "decals" - cardboard drawings of windows - be placed over the burned-out windows so that people driving by on the highway would not see that the buildings were only burned-out shells.

In the late 1940s, blacks from the South also started swarming into New York City. Black neighborhoods such as Central Harlem, Bedford Stuyvesant and South Jamaica quickly became symbols of violent crime, welfare, drug addiction and illegitimacy.

Like the left-wing media, Lindsay saw himself as "another John F. Kennedy" - And like Kennedy, Lindsay was an advocate for policies which resulted in the murder, rape, robbery and burglary of millions of decent, hardworking Americans

In the 1960s, Mayor John Lindsay encouraged Southern blacks to move to New York to collect generous welfare checks and to live in modern public housing projects.

Lindsay - an extreme leftist - correctly believed that blacks would vote for him. He did not care in the least that he was destroying the city. As long as he could get more black votes.

Extreme leftist John Lindsay, a self-hating white, with extreme leftist Gary Ackerman, a self-hating Jew - Now a - much fatter - Queens Congressman, Gary Ackerman was in 1969 an owner of the Queens Tribune, a Lindsay backer. (Ackerman, who on national television attacked JTF as "wackos," danced gleefully on ABC World News Tonight after obtaining the autograph of the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat, who murdered thousands of Jews during his career as a Muslim terrorist.)

Lindsay doubled the city's black welfare population in his first four years in office. After eight years as mayor (from 1966 to 1974), Lindsay succeeded in turning the most exciting, productive, innovative and spectacular city in the world into a filthy, crime-ridden, socialist, Third World jungle.

As long as their political careers are advanced, Democrats and most Republicans could not care less what happens to an America drowned in Third World immigration - The Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton with President Vicente Fox of Mexico

Our national politicians are now doing to all of America what Lindsay did to New York.

The Democrats want massive Third World immigration because they believe that Hispanic, Arab and other Third World voters will elect them to office. The Democrats could not care less that Third World immigration will turn America into a Third World banana republic.

When it comes to the Third World demographic threat, most Republicans are no better than the Democrats - To the thunderous applause of his "conservative" Republican sycophants - including Attorney General John Ashcroft and Homeland "Security" Director Tom Ridge - President Jorge Bush announces his plan to legalize 20 million illegal aliens (January 7, 2004)

But most of the Republicans are no better.

"If you are detained, you have rights!" - The Mexican government provides an informational booklet to illegal aliens crossing into the United States. (In a propagandistic image from the booklet, a pair of illegal Mexican aliens are depicted cowering under the stern eyes of a brutal "gringo" border guard and his equally brutal "gringo" rancher ally.)

President Jorge Bush is willing to turn America into another Mexico just to get a few more Mexican votes. Bush proposes legalizing 20 million illegal aliens because he and the Republicans believe that such proposals will increase the Republican share of the Hispanic vote.

The fact that the Bush amnesty for illegal aliens will destroy America is of no concern to Republican politicians. Republican leaders note with immense satisfaction that Bush received over 40% of the Hispanic vote in the 2004 Presidential election because of his pro-amnesty position.

Most of the Republicans are no better than the Democrats when it comes to the issue of America's burgeoning Third World fifth column - John Lindsay (r.) posed with Nelson Rockefeller in the 1970s at a dedication of the World Trade Center. (Like Lindsay, Rockefeller, a Bolshevik phony posing as a Republican, encouraged the massive and unrestricted Third World immigration which was ultimately responsible for the vicious September 11th Muslim terrorist attack which destroyed the World Trade Center.)

White-hating, America-hating Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY) describes left-wing New York City Mayor John Lindsay, who died in 2001

Before the New York politicians encouraged massive non-white immigration into the city, New York was more than 90% white.

Now New York City is only 33% white and 67% non-white.

In other JTF articles, we have explored how the non-white majorities of America's largest states and major cities make it impossible to do anything at the ballot box to save those areas from eventual destruction, and how all of America will be in the same hopeless situation unless the American people finally wake up.

Only JTF brings you the politically incorrect truth needed to save America
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A black prostitute - male or female - favors the world with an obscene gesture, excised by us

Arrogant Hispanic gang members, fearless of the law, pose for the media

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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