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White America Degenerating
To A Black Rap "Music" Beat

(Originally published by on May 18, 2005)

How hip hop has changed America

"How hip hop has changed America" - In 1998, Time magazine feted the "wiggerization" of America with a cover story on Lauryn Hill, one of the few black rappers without an arrest record, who paved the way into mainstream white America for the likes of violent, amoral filth like Jay Z and other hardcore black criminal "singers"

Black criminal rapper 50 Cent is the most murderous - and therefore the most successful - of today's rap "musicians" - His album Candy Shop - an obvious reference to narcotics - reached #1 on Billboard's top 100 list, and his equally violent and amoral collaboration with a fellow "niggah rappah gangstah" named Game reached #2 at the same time. (50 Cent is wearing clothes and a fancy watch and "singing" his violent, filthy, racist hatred into a wireless microphone, all inventions of the white man whom he savagely envies and detests.)

Perhaps no aspect of America's degeneration into "New World" and Third World decadence is more frightening than the rapid absorption by her young white people of the criminal abomination of black rap "music" and its associated subculture of ignorance, arrogance and violence.

Now often called by the more palatable name of "hip hop" - perhaps because it is so widely, and so justly, linked with the criminal black underworld in the minds of decent white American parents who still exercise some control over the spending habits of their teenagers - rap is no longer merely an intrusive assault on the ears of those unlucky enough to sit next to a "ghetto blaster" on a crowded subway train, or stopped at a traffic light next to a ghetto blaster armed with the white man's inventions of a car and an onboard stereo system.

Fabulously wealthy hotel heiress Paris Hilton says that her favorite "singer" is murderous black rapper 50 Cent - Hilton is shown with another black "star" in a recent horror movie

An affluent American teenager lies to the police and commits insurance fraud for a set of black gangster hip hop "wheels" (April 2005) - The upscale suburban Seattle high school student faked the theft of his $50,000 BMW to collect insurance money for his campaign to upgrade to a $160,000 Bentley, featured in many rap "music" videos

The cultural phenomenon of the "wigger" is now widespread - the affluent, and usually suburban, white youth so enamored of black criminality that he dresses in baggy clothes like a black gang member, talks like a black gang member - "Yo!" and "Dawg!" and "Wassup?" (Ebonics for "What's up?") and "'Sup?" (Ebonics Ebonics for "Wassup?") - curses like a black gang member, even in front of children, and sometimes even acts like a black gang member. Little do most of these deluded, propagandized young white morons realize how little their slang and "threads" and cursing and braggadocio would avail them in a truly black environment like prison, where they would be at the mercy of every murderer and rapist with a vicious and abiding hatred for "whitey."

Janet Jackson offensively bares her breast, pierced by a nipple ring, on live nationwide television - Jackson's companion in lewdness was former Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake, whose slutty wife, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, was recently photographed cheating on him with another man

A bill in the Texas Senate would ban vile "cheerleading" displays - But the bill is vocally opposed by Texas Jewess Florence Shapiro, a member of the Texas Senate who says that there is nothing wrong with black female high school and college "students" displaying their wares like prostitutes in a black rap video

The sexualization of America's youth, and her children, can be traced in large part to the sexual amorality of the black "community," at least 70% of whose members were abandoned by their own "dawg" fathers at birth. The graphic exhibitionism of today's female high school cheerleading squads, which has lately drawn the attention of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Texas lawmakers with its offensive "booty shaking" and other forms of display better suited to a topless bar than a schoolyard, can be traced almost entirely to the antics of "affirmative action" race preference cheerleader "hos" at America's historically black colleges and universities.

Ja Rule with fellow black thug rappers DMX and Jay-Z - DMX was arrested in 1999 on charges of illegal weapons possession, drug possession (crack cocaine and a half-dozen used crack pipes), child endangerment and cruelty to animals (keeping pit bulls) after police raided his pricey home in the mostly Jewish suburban community of Teaneck, New Jersey - also home to the silk-suited black Hitler Al Sharpton - in the aftermath of the still unsolved shooting of his business manager

In this context, need we mention Janet Jackson and former white Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake?

Mindless violence has also taken hold on the young white American mind, thanks in large part to the glorification of violence by the rap "music" industry and its "stars," and by their identification with various nationwide black criminal gangs like the Crips and the Bloods, and the involvement of those gangs in narcotics distribution, money laundering, and record and radio industry racketeering. Although supposedly respectable rap moguls like Russell Simmons make noises of denial about it, they know as well as anyone else - indeed, better than anyone else - that violence, and a reputation for violence by the artist in question, is the surest means of ensuring a chart-topping album.

Over the past few years, white youth has been captivated by the exploits of Eminem - the "king of the wiggers" - Puffy Combs and his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, the Hollywood starlet who helped to cover up his involvement in a New York nightclub shooting; and Li'l Kim, the only female rap "star" with sufficiently violent credentials to survive in an otherwise male world where women, like fancy cars, expensive "threads" and gold chains, are merely the playthings and rewards of stardom, to be used and discarded, with their illegitimate offspring, like so much tissue paper.

They're everywhere - Black gangsters roam the formerly idyllic streets of suburban New Jersey

The late Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, rival rappers whose violent, headline-grabbing clashes ended with their shooting deaths

Rap "stars" regularly engage in public violence, and glorify their criminal exploits before they achieved stardom, to maximize their appeal to impressionable young people, who are often unable to recognize the difference between cowardly viciousness and genuine strength. Such youngsters adopt the mentality of the criminal element in general, and the black criminal element in particular, to whom kindness and gentleness are signs of weakness, while cruelty and brutality are desirable qualtities possessed by the "cool" and the "bad."

The most famous of these black criminal publicity feuds was no doubt that of New York-based Tupac Shakur and California-based The Notorious B.I.G., a 1990s encounter which eventually left both of them dead. It assumed a pattern which has since become familiar in the rap industry - a pair of rappers, each associated with a different black criminal gang, "dissing" (disrespecting) each other by casting doubt on the criminal credentials of the other. In the Shakur-B.I.G. instance, Notorious had a criminal record not quite as long or distinguished as that of the murderous Tupac, a fact which Shakur was swift to point out at every meeting between the pair, as well as in such venues as rap "music" award shows with audiences in the millions.

"Live by the gun, die by the gun" - A ghetto mural mourns the "poet laureate" of black gang violence

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - A dissected Tupac Shakur lies on a slab in the Las Vegas morgue after his fatal encounter with rival black rap gang members. (Tupac Shakur fans are often up in arms when they see this notorious photograph, claiming that it "disses" their sainted murderer, pimp and drug dealer.)

The most recent instance of this mindless violence is the clash between Hollywood movie "star" Ja Rule and his chart-topping rival 50 Cent, a struggle which has followed the pattern of all of its predecessors. Ja Rule is the "nice" gangster, slightly more palatable to middle America and therefore a media darling. But 50 Cent is the "real thing," a genuine dealer and shooter and murderer who scorns his rival as a "wankster," not a gangster. And predictably, it is the most violent of these two black hoodlums who is most popular in their native domain of rap "music" incitement.

Ja Rule frequently uses the word "murdah" in his lyrics to capture the admiration of his young audience, and "disses" his rivals in the following vein:

DMX was my dog, but now we just dogfight,
Sucking on a glass d**k, calling them crack pipes,
And I'm hearin' you letting yo' health slide these days,
And yo lady's d**ked up and you contracted AIDS.
Who the f**k you callin' gay, nigger?
You musta' been talkin' to Em'
[white rapper Eminem] and [Dr.] Dre.

50 Cent and his rivals open fire on each other in the lobby of a Jersey City hotel (September 2003) - Rival rap "music" gangs, filming videos in Jersey City, New Jersey, encountered each other in the lobby of an upscale hotel (top row, l.) and opened fire on each other. One bullet struck a hardware store across the street (top row, c.) and shattered its window. A Jersey City police officer (top row, r.) commented on law enforcement's "great familiarity" with the rap industry.

Among the murderous black criminals involved in the dangerous melee was rapper 50 Cent (bottom row, l.), who was shot nine times and stabbed in a previous attack (bottom row, c.) and made a video (bottom row, r.) celebrating his survival.

50 Cent was later arrested for a disturbance in a fancy Manhattan nightclub - he is shown (inset) grinning in the custody of police.

He has also aimed this barely comprehensible Ebonics rant at his rivals:

I feel like I'm not never making another record about these niggers, ever. I don't feel I need to. We wasted a year on making records and s**t like that. Basically, all niggers is doing is putting on a show for the people, and the show is whack ["whack" in this context means "false"]. I listened to the Shyne [song For the Record, which "disses" 50 Cent], and Shyne is s**tting on them niggers. And because the public is so drawn into the show, they can't detect what's real and what's fake. And [Shyne] is saying real s**t on there. I ain't thinking about that anymore. How many [times] can I say, "F**k them?"

How many, indeed?

These well-publicized encounters are of course the same kind of mindless savagery which takes place daily in America's "inner cities" and her crumbling, violence-beset school system, where "dissing" and "eyeballing" (staring) often lead to schoolyard knifings and shootings. That millionaire blacks continue to engage in such behavior after they become wealthy should be a warning to all of those who believe that wealth will in some way ameliorate the propensity toward the violence which is such a distinguishing feature of the criminal black psyche. The warning should also be taken by whites and Jews that savages like America's vast black criminal population, who have no hesitation about killing members of their own race over practically nothing, will feel an equal lack of hesitation, and indeed an eagerness, to kill those whom they hate and envy as racial enemies.

JTF wants to help organize a potent movement of right-wing righteous Gentiles in America, like the strong right-wing Jewish youth movement that we have built in Israel.

A black street thug defiles a church with his presence

For the sake of America, Israel and the West, we hope and pray that we can motivate G-d-fearing American patriots to act.

In your heart, you know we're right. And in your guts, you know they're nuts.

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Do not depend on others to do your part! G-d only blesses those who do their own part!

May G-d bless all of our loyal supporters and their loved ones.

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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