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Bush The Left-Wing Rockefeller Republican

(Originally published by on May 5, 2004)

George Bush with left-wing Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA)

Pat Toomey's campaign ads featured "highlights" from the career of self-hating Jewish left-winger Arlen Specter - He voted against Ronald Reagan 65% of the time in 1986, voted for the largest tax increase in history and opposed the impeachment of the Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton

Last week, left-wing Senator Arlen Specter narrowly defeated conservative Congressman Pat Toomey in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

The final vote was very close: Specter received 51%, and Toomey received 49%.

Specter could never have won if not for the fact that President Bush strongly supported him against Toomey. Obviously, Bush's public endorsement of a candidate is very helpful among Republican primary voters - most of whom idolize and worship Bush.

Bush made two special trips to Pennsylvania to campaign for Specter, and Bush's endorsement was prominently featured in the Specter campaign's massive advertising blitz on television and radio.

George W. Bush has never been a conservative

George Bush and Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) support Arlen Specter - Santorum, Specter's fellow Pennsylvania senator, is a pro-life voter who nevertheless supported the pro-abortion Specter on the grounds that the Senate needs "diversity"

In addition, Vice President Dick Cheney made several trips to Pennsylvania to campaign for Specter.

Why would Bush, Cheney and the Republican Establishment do everything possible to support Specter - whose left-wing voting record is similar to that of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy? And why would Bush, Cheney and the Republican Establishment do everything possible to defeat Toomey - a Reagan conservative?

The reason is simple: George W. Bush - like his father - is not now, and never has been, a conservative. The Bushes have always been - and will always be - left-wing Rockefeller Republicans.

The term "Rockefeller Republican" is intended to describe those Republicans who adhere to the socialist philosophy of the late New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

During the 15 years that he served as New York's "Republican" governor, Rockefeller increased New York State taxes and spending at the fastest rate in the state's history. Taxes and spending under Rockefeller were even higher than during the extreme left-wing Democrat administration of former Governor Mario Cuomo.

Nelson Rockefeller and fellow left-winger Lyndon Baines Johnson discuss LBJ's socialist "Great Society" and "civil rights" legislation

In fact, at no time in American history did any of the nation's 50 states ever come close to the record-breaking tax rates of New York during the Rockefeller Administration.

Rockefeller's socialist fiscal and economic policies crippled New York.

When Rockefeller first became governor on January 1, 1959, New York was the largest of the 50 states in population, and New York was the economic, technological and cultural engine of the United States.

Thanks to the policies of Rockefeller and his Bolshevik successors, New York is now the third largest state in population after California and Texas, and will soon fall back to fourth place behind Florida. Meanwhile, New York's once booming economy is now consistently far worse off than the rest of the country.

Nelson Rockefeller (r.) with his fellow left-wingers (l.) John F. Kennedy and (c.) Senator Jacob Javits (R-NY)

Self-hating Jew - and "Rockefeller Republican" - Jacob Javits began his lifelong fight for racial integration during his first year in the Senate, when he campaigned for the 1957 "Civil Rights" Act; he later played a major role in passing the wide-ranging 1964 "Civil Rights" Act. He prominently supported the Selective Immigration Act, which opened America's borders to an unprecedented invasion by tens of millions of Third World immigrants; advocated anti-white and anti-Semitic "affirmative action" racial discrimination programs; and fought for bilingual education. A rabid socialist who despised the hardworking taxpayer, Javits pushed for enormous federal spending in every facet of American life.

Nelson Rockefeller with his fellow left-wing Jew-haters

Nelson Rockefeller, whose family did business with Nazi Germany during World War II, was chummy with (l.) Egyptian Nazi dictator Anwar Sadat, (c.) self-hating Jew Henry Kissinger in the anti-Israel Gerald Ford White House, and (r.) murderous Communist dictator Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union, with whom the Rockefeller family also did extensive business. (During the Cold War, the Soviet Union supplied Arab Nazi states like Egypt with weapons intended for the annihilation of little Israel; Kissinger, a Rockefeller protege, brutally pressured the Israeli Jews to surrender their vital, G-d-given land, and prevented Israel from decisively winning the 1973 Yom Kippur War by demanding that the Jewish State agree to a premature ceasefire just as her forces had surrounded and were about to destroy the attacking Egyptian army.)

George W. Bush's socialist spending spree in Washington follows the disastrous Rockefeller model. Bush is increasing federal spending at a faster rate than left-wing Democrat Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

"Rockefeller Republican" Arlen Specter with fellow Senate left-winger John "Jay" Rockefeller (D-WV)

The reason we have record-breaking federal budget deficits is not because of the very modest tax cuts which Bush initiated. Our budget deficits are caused by grossly excessive spending on thousands of counterproductive domestic social programs.

Arlen Specter (l.) with former
President George Bush, Sr.

The only thing that Bush did to satisfy his Republican supporters was to propose minor tax cuts. He only did so because he learned from his father's defeat in the 1992 Presidential election that higher taxes is the one thing that many Republicans and conservatives will not tolerate.

However, George W. Bush has learned that while many Republicans and conservatives will not tolerate higher taxes, they will tolerate much higher spending, record-breaking budget deficits, White House proposals to legalize 20 million illegal aliens, and a myriad of other blatant betrayals of conservative principles.

Thus, Bush is still enthusiastically supported by Republicans and conservatives despite his evil proposal to grant amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens - which, if implemented, would eventually turn America into a majority non-white, Third World banana republic.

America's face is changing - and not for the better

Judith Gonzalez of Prospect Park, New Jersey was an unwed mother of two who worked in an agency for "single moms." Her order of protection against one boyfriend, who beat her, did not save her from being fatally shot in the head by (c.) another "lover." Gonzalez was remembered by a dreadlocked girlfriend, herself an unwed mother of seven, who met her at the agency.

Shocked longtime Prospect Park residents noted that the murder was their town's first in a century.

George Bush's evil brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, wants to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens

Bush's evil brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush - who is already the clear frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008 - has proposed providing drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

It is in this context that it is not at all surprising that Bush and the Republican Establishment would enthusiastically back a left-wing, Ted Kennedy clone like Arlen Specter against a conservative Republican like Pat Toomey.

Specter is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-amnesty for illegal aliens, pro-racial quotas, pro-Arab and pro-Muslim.

Specter even voted against Bush's minor tax cuts - the one crumb that Bush and the Republican Establishment threw at their conservative supporters.

Arlen Specter wants a policy of "engagement" with Muslim nuclear terrorist Iran, where the Islamic dictatorship ubiquitously posts propaganda advocating the destruction of the Great and Little Satans

A typical self-hating Jew, Specter has been urging America to improve relations and provide lethal technology to Muslim terrorist Iran, even as the fanatically anti-American Iranian regime develops nuclear weapons.

Specter spent over $10 million on television commercials attacking Toomey's fiscally conservative voting record. By voting against excessive spending, the commercials warned, Toomey was harming domestic social programs in Pennsylvania.

Indeed, Specter's commercials literally questioned Toomey's sanity for daring to oppose the massive funding of "politically correct" social programs.

Arlen Specter questions Pat Toomey's sanity for opposing Specter's far left-wing policies (and calls Toomey "as extreme right-wing as they come" for decrying the welfare giveaway of Project Headstart)....

"He's not far right, he's far out," Specter's commercials said of Toomey.

....but says that the viciously anti-American ayatollahs of Muslim nuclear terrorist Iran can be reasoned with

In other words, Specter is saying that genuine fiscal conservatives are insane.

If Bush had simply remained neutral in the Republican primary, Specter would have lost. Instead, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Establishment heavyweights raised millions of dollars for Specter and campaigned for him all over Pennsylvania.

Specter spent more than five times as much as Toomey in the campaign, and had the support of every major Republican politician in Pennsylvania.

Despite this huge disadvantage, Toomey still received 49% of the vote.

However, the most important lesson to be learned is that there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats. While George Bush might be a lesser of the evils in a race against John Kerry, we must never forget that a lesser of the evils is still evil.

If real right-wing conservatives do not take control of the Republican Party, America is doomed - Degenerate rap "music" star Joseph Simmons, who calls himself a "reverend" and who is the brother of rap "music" mogul Russell Simmons - a star fundraiser for the Democrat Party - says that there is nothing wrong with calling a drink "Pimp Juice" and that his 5-year-old son regularly uses the words "pimp" and "nigger" as terms of endearment

If real conservatives do not take control of the Republican Party, America is doomed.

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A lesser evil is still evil

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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