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America Online's Web Of Deceit (Part 6) exposes the greed, deceit and left-wing political tyranny of America Online (AOL), the world's largest Internet "service provider."

The notion that this is mostly about sex is nonsense. The vast majority of our customers have little or no interest in it. -- Steven Case (The Washington Nazi Post, October 1, 1996)

Given Chairman Case's background, it should surprise nobody that moral degeneracy is a watchword of his organization. He is that most dangerous of social engineers, the wealthy left-wing elitist. Raised in the American paradise of Hawaii, he enjoyed the best of private schooling there -- but still wants your children seated next to public school Negroes in the name of "fair play" -- and spent his untalented young adulthood dreaming of careering it as a lavishly overcompensated rock "musician."

Besides that hideous super-kike Gerald Levin, Time Warner's rap "music" impresario -- who recently reaffirmed the soft spot in his heart for his crazy fascist colleague Ted Turner -- the AOL Time Warner gang of four includes Robert Pittman, whose finger has been in pies like the Six Flags amusement parks, the Nickelodeon children's television channel and, his crowning achievement, the creation of MTV. The last-named mental institution is infamous as the most insidious of the modern media's mind-poison factories. Having deliberately and recklessly targeted television's youngest and most vulnerable audience, Pittman looks back with pride on two decades of introducing America's youth to creatures like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Public Enemy and wiggers like Eminem, himself a product of the vicious sewage pumped into his eyeballs and onto his eardrums, in increasingly concentrated doses over the years, by Pittman's "visionary enterprise."

Given the tolerance of the AOL gang of four for pornography in their other ventures -- even in a venue like MTV, whose audience is largely children rather than teenagers -- it is not surprising that Chairman Case's "understanding" should eagerly extend to the sexual deviants infesting the Internet. As the Wild West of the communications world, the Web provides Case and his friends with a vast new vista onto which to open the floodgates of their filthy minds in pursuit of multinational corporate "utopia." The only unchanged thing is how the perverted plutocrats disguise their plots behind a thinly-woven veil of homespun goodness.

Although sexual deviants abound on the Internet, AOL is notorious for the numbers of them lurking in its chat rooms. Many are plainly and simply dens of filth and perversion, hangouts for every description of pervert. Even among "liberal" adults, the company has a well-earned reputation as the "red light district of cyberspace."

Just as much of the bad news about the Internet is really about AOL, so is much of the bad news about Internet pornography really about AOL's vilest practices.

Innocent posts to AOL chat rooms are routinely answered by an eruption of perversely sexual sludge from AOL's cesspool of deviants. One poster who innocently remarked that he knew a popular female singer was pummeled with e-mails asking for her nude photos, what sex with her was like and how her feet smelled. All except two of the aberrants had "" e-mail addresses.

Because of AOL's chat room dangers, female visitors frequently use masculine-sounding screen names. Women who enter a chat room with a feminine name are often bombarded with lewd instant messages and graphically suggestive e-mails. Many of the offenders are pubescent boys in search of cybersex "kicks," but others are grown men, some of whom affect feminine names to worm their way into second- and even first-hand encounters with the teenagers.

It is understandable that AOL, which touts itself as the easiest and friendliest of Internet service providers, to say nothing of the largest, would attract more than its fair share of perverts. Most deviants who sign onto the Internet are not much interested in the learning, entertainment and opportunities made available by the Web. Such creatures are interested first and foremost in the rapid satisfaction of their perverse desires, a pursuit best accomplished through a provider which will grant them access to their prey as quickly and easily as possible.

What is not understandable, but hardly astonishing, is why AOL, which spends so much money on enforcing and expanding its Bolshevik censorship of the truth, spends so little on keeping its real criminals, instead of its "thought offenders," in check. Since the beginning of its corporate life, it has proven far more effective at weeding out the politically incorrect than the sexually deviant. The company never seems to have enough "guides" to police its sex-oriented chat rooms, and relies on members to "police themselves," but its roving cybercops function with the Stalinist efficiency of an online KGB when it comes to rooting out and stamping out political viewpoints in conflict with its own.

Like all crusaders for degeneracy, Chairman Case cloaks his intentions behind a mask of idealism. In a 1996 letter to AOL members, he spoke proudly of how he had joined the fight against "Internet censorship" by asking the Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition (CIEC) to represent him in the fight against Federal legislation known as the Communications Decency Act (CDA). The CDA was wimpy lawmaking at best, but at least it would have limited Internet obscenity by driving it back into the dark shadows where it rightfully lurked in days gone by; and no doubt Case feared for his First Amendment "rights" less than he dreaded the CDA's penalties of a $250,000 fine and two years of jail time for any Internet smut peddler who provided indecent material to a minor.

Thanks to Chairman Case and a coalition of other plaintiffs (including Microsoft, the National Library Association, the Recording Industry Association of America -- the Negroes and wiggers must have their MTV -- the University of California and, representing the host of "Internet nannies" whose largely ineffective parental control programs would be rendered obsolete by a filth-free Internet, Surfwatch Software), the CDA was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1997.

As its name implies, the CIEC is an association of left-wing ACLJew types who think that the First Amendment empowers them to fill the media (and public spaces like the Brooklyn Museum) with every imaginable kind of anti-American filth. Among their charter members is a leftist organization calling itself People for the American Way, a dedicated group of Giuliani-haters who deplore his "assaults" on the Big Apple's diabolical indecency. (Another Giuliani-hater, the grotesquely obese New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler, was among the first to slobber his admiration for the CIEC's lawyering in the CDA decision.) The CIEC's current "activism" includes its struggle to overturn the "troubling restrictions" of the Child Online Protection Act, which seem to have been written specifically with AOL in mind....

To be continued.

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