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Hollyweird Lies And Cover-Up: Anne Heche (Part 5)

The truth about the perverted homosexual tryst and media cover-up of Hollyweird "superstars" Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres, Hollyweird's first openly lesbian couple. 

"Sister" Ellen Degenerate
(in a February 15, 2001 NBC Nazi television "comedy" role)

Between telling lies about two-faced homosexual perverts like Matthew Shepard and Teena Brandon, Anne Heche kept busy during her days with Ellen Degeneres by spewing an incessant stream of the filth which passes for modern American movie making. Like her lesbian affair and championship of "gay" causes, each of Heche's "artistic endeavors" garnered her new publicity by "pushing the envelope" of indecency, immorality and insurrection. None of the abominations were great successes from an artistic or commercial point of view, vividly demonstrating why Heche needs indecent exposure to keep the camera on her; but they certainly did their bit in filling America's youth with the freshest mind-poison of Hollyweird's treason factories.

In 1998, Heche wrote, directed, financed and starred in Stripping for Jesus, which tells of a pair of sisters "ruined" by their fundamentalist religious upbringing. One becomes a stripper who tattoos Bible verses on her body to save her patrons with a "language that they can understand." Heche plays the other sister, who murders "in the name of Jesus to redeem herself in the eyes of G-d." (Don't ask for a more lucid synopsis; we have neither seen Heche's monstrosity nor plan to do so.)

Heche has given her own abstract of her tawdry creation: "Both sisters end up completely alone in their own f*****g hell, which is the whole point. Religion doesn't solve anything. It's all based on blind obedience and fear. Whereas I don't fear much of anything."

Among other things, Heche is a New Age "spiritualist" kook. Raised by an AIDS-infected homosexual whom the press persistently calls a "devout Christian" -- he was actually a shifty, promiscuous, Greenwich Village bar hopper -- she has spent seven years in therapy and sprinkles her interviews with words like "gifts" and "blessings." She is an outspoken hater of everything decent in genuine religion, especially Christianity:

"Religion controls your sexuality and your relationship to G-d. It's about rules. Spirituality removes the rules and lets you connect with yourself. Hey, if we can get enough people believing that sex isn't shameful, we'll be set."

Anne Heche took a shameless hand in If These Walls Could Talk II, the sequel to a baby-killing HBO paean to abortion and its "heroic" practitioners. Co-produced by Demi Moore and directed and starred in by Cher -- Dr. Cher played a kindly serial infanticide "killed by a pro-lifer" -- the first If These Walls Could Talk was sadly the highest-rated program ever aired on the cable network; the second installment, an almost equally offensive ode to lesbianism in its many forms, preempted an episode of the Italian-bashing gangster "drama," The Sopranos, whose "stars" were given a resounding Bronx cheer at last year's New York City Columbus Day parade. In the first If These Walls, Heche played the eponymous "Chris Heche," a pregnant college student who debates whether to spare her baby or, in the language of her peers, to "terminate an unwanted pregnancy" (one suspects that, thanks to her whoring, Anne Heche, like "Chris Heche," has a more than passing acquaintance with America's slaughter of its innocents); in the sequel, Heche directed her girlfriend Ellen Degeneres and the actress Sharon Stone in a "lighthearted romp" about a pair of "monogamous" lesbians contemplating parenthood via artificial insemination. (Another segment of If These Walls II co-starred the PLO-loving Vanessa Redgrave, a rank British Jew-hater whose daughter is of the Sapphic persuasion.)

HBO is a subsidiary of AOL-Time Warner, an especially evil white-hating, Jew-hating, America-hating media conglomerate. It was Time Warner, in conspiracy with then U.S. Senate candidate Hillary Sodom Arafat, which illegally removed JTF's television programs from the Manhattan airwaves. The Time Warner chairman of the board is the super-kike Gerald Levin, whose son was thankfully killed a few years ago by the same schvartze rap "musicians" whose stentorian gangster filth is one of Levin's biggest moneymakers and most cherished causes.

During the filming of If These Walls Could Talk II, Anne Heche's self-serving relationship with Ellen Degeneres showed its first cracks. Having used her paramour for just about everything that she was worth in the way of notoriety and self-promotion, Heche was already "seeing" men behind her back, driving her into fits of jealous rage and bouts of moody depression. The quarrels and other scenes culminated in Degeneres' proposal of a particularly sick scheme -- though not an untypical one among failing lesbian couples -- for "keeping the marriage together."

You guessed it. Like Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Stone in their HBO roles, Degeneres and Anne Heche would use artificial insemination to "have a baby." According to Degeneres' plan, the mother would be Heche, who would give up her career to babysit the unfortunate tyke. What better way for Ellen the cuckold to assure herself that her "lover" was not spending too much time with her boyfriends?

Gushing over another woman's baby in a fancy Los Angeles clothing store, Degeneres was overheard telling Heche, "We need one of those."

As a normal person, you tremble for the fate of a child raised by two crazy Hollyweird lesbians, one hoping to save her sick "marriage" by dragging a baby into it and the other an emotionally unstable bisexual patently unfit for lasting friendship with a person of either sex. You remember Larry Phillips, the Kansas City social worker harassed at work and eventually fired for telling the truth about what really happens to children adopted by lesbian and faggot "parents." The media and other powers-that-be would have you believe the barefaced lie that pedophiles are most often heterosexual, the "small print" being that normal people are happily still a much larger percentage of the population than queers, who are by extension much more given to queer behavior. The truth is that pedophiles are overwhelmingly homosexual in proportion to their numbers; that pederasty is rampant among the "two daddies" of Greenwich Village; and that the "charitable" organization Big Brothers commonly places its advertisements in "gay boy" magazines next to solicitations for tours to AIDS-infected Asian countries filled with desperately penurious male prostitutes in their teens and younger.

Anne Heche was not opposed per se to the idea of having a child. The publicity from a Heche-Degeneres "parenting" would be the biggest story since the faltering lesbian couple of singer Melissa Etheridge and her girlfriend Julie Cypher were mutually impregnated by rock "star" David Crosby, whose years of cocaine abuse recently culminated in a liver transplant. (The waste of a perfectly good liver, especially since Etheridge and Cypher were later "divorced" despite Crosby's two children.) But Heche balked at having her precious career and personal pleasures interfered with. She had no intention of twiddling her thumbs in the couple's $3 million Beverly Hills mansion "playing mother" while her elder partner pursued her own interests. And she assuredly had no plan to abandon her heterosexual whoring.

To be concluded.

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