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Why The Muslims
Are Swallowing Up Europe (Part 2)

(Originally published by on July 28, 2004)

A pair of Muslims mutilated and beheaded for working with the French in Algeria (1957)
The original image, which we have cropped, shows the men's genitals stuffed into their mouths

Last week, JTF described how Muslim terrorists, emboldened by France's humiliating 1954 military defeat in Vietnam, immediately went on the offensive against France in North Africa, determined to drive the French from their oil-rich colony of Algeria. (See Why The Muslims Are Swallowing Up Europe (Part 1) for a description of France's defeat in Vietnam and the consequent outbreak of Muslim terrorism in North Africa, which led to the almost immediate French pullout from Morocco and Tunisia.) This week, we will conclude our two-part series by describing how France, by failing to take the only action which would have saved it from defeat by Muslim terrorism, lost a vast and vital part of the French empire and opened the doors to a tidal wave of Muslim immigration which, if left unchecked, will soon overwhelm all of Europe.

Having the throat cut was the kindest fate awaiting Muslims captured by their fellow Muslims for working with the French

Muslims horribly tortured by their fellow Muslims in Algeria (October 1956)
In each case, some of the flesh of the victim's torso was stripped from his body while he was still alive

The French responded vigorously, with military action, to Muslim terrorism in Algeria but could never contain the plague because France - like America and Israel today - failed to realize that wherever there are Muslims, there will always be Muslim terrorism

A trio of French children mutilated and slaughtered by Muslim terrorists in Algeria - The Politiken of Copenhagen declared at the time: "These actions are of such savagery that one is at a loss to believe that their [Muslim] perpetrators have reached a degree of evolution superior to that of animals attracted by the smell of blood. The pleasure of inflicting pain is part of the ritual."

When the Algerian Muslim rebellion began in November 1954, the French responded vigorously with military action, killing many thousands of Algerian Muslims in retaliatory strikes. But France - like America and Israel today - failed to realize that wherever Muslims live, there will always be Muslim terrorism, in obedience to the incessantly repeated Koranic commandment that all Muslims must convert or kill all "infidels" (non-Muslims).

As long as millions of Arab Muslims continued to live in Algeria, there was no way to stop the Islamic terrorism. Strong military reprisals did not solve the problem.

"The pleasure of inflicting pain is part of the ritual" - A French soldier captured, tortured and murdered by Muslim terrorists in Algeria

The only solution was to expel or otherwise encourage the mass emigration of millions of Arab Muslims out of Algeria.

Then Algeria could have remained a permanent part of France, and France would have become a wealthy net exporter of Algerian oil and natural gas.

There were some voices in the French military and among Algeria's French settlers who called for encouraging massive Arab Muslim emigration out of Algeria.

France's mythical World War II "hero," Charles de Gaulle, never really did anything heroic - He sat out World War II in London

But most French still wanted to try to crush Arab terrorism through military force.

In June 1958, the French called upon their mythical World War II "hero," Charles de Gaulle (who never really did anything heroic), to become Prime Minister in order to defeat the Algerian Muslim terrorists.

The French military, the French settlers of Algeria and the French right-wing were jubilant when de Gaulle became Prime Minister. Finally, with a right-wing French nationalist as Prime Minister, France would teach the Arabs a lesson that would end Islamic terrorism once and for all.

"Je vous ai compris" - "I have understood you," Charles de Gaulle told cheering French colonists in Algeria. He went so far as to shout, "Vive Algerie francaise!" ("Long live French Algeria!") Little did his right-wing French supporters realize that he had already decided to hand over their North African colony to its Muslim terrorist Arab and Berber inhabitants, a crowd of whom he is shown enthusiastically greeting.

De Gaulle made "peace" with Algerian Muslim terrorist leaders like Ferhat Abbas, who said that "there is no solution but the machine gun" to the Algerian question

Then came the great betrayal. In September 1959, de Gaulle announced that he favored Algerian independence.

No other French leader could have survived politically after making such an announcement. Before de Gaulle's announcement, the vast majority of French wanted Algeria to remain a permanent part of France at all costs.

Wearing his military uniform, French "right-winger" Charles de Gaulle announces on television that he wants to surrender Algeria to the Algerian Muslim terrorists

However, de Gaulle changed French public opinion almost overnight. If our great "hero," the right-winger Charles de Gaulle, calls for Algerian independence, it must be the right thing to do, most French said.

De Gaulle's right-wing political allies accused him of betrayal for throwing Algeria to the Muslim wolves - but it was too late

De Gaulle's right-wing political allies accused him of betrayal. But it was too late. De Gaulle had convinced most French that surrender was the only answer.

De Gaulle submitted his proposal for Algerian independence to a national referendum in January 1961, and it was supported by 75.3% of the voters in France.

In July 1962, France formally recognized Algerian independence, ending 132 years of French colonial rule.

The massacre of the Rue D'Isly (March 26, 1962)
A slaughter of French colonists in Algiers by their own government was the prelude to the ethnic cleansing of French Algeria

In a last-ditch effort to prevent the Arab Muslim takeover of Algeria, French Algerian colonists engaged in a peaceful protest along the Rue D'Isly in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. The crowd of men, women and children, singing the Marseillaise, the French national anthem, were met by a French police force which opened fire on them at point-blank range with automatic weapons. Over 40 demonstrators were slaughtered in the space of a few minutes.

In a film of the massacre, long censored by French authorities, women in the crowd can be heard imploring the police to "Cease your fire, captain!"

Scenes from the ethnic cleansing of French Algeria
Hundreds of thousands of French colonists, and nearly all of Algeria's Jews, desperately fled the Arab Muslim terrorist takeover

Algerian French colonists in full-scale retreat from their native land, bidding a tearful farewell to the coastline

Scenes from the ethnic cleansing of French Algeria
Fleeing French colonists herded like cattle behind barbed wire

Scenes from the ethnic cleansing of French Algeria
Distraught mothers, children and old men in flight for their lives

Because de Gaulle, like Sharon in Israel and Bush in America, had a - completely undeserved - reputation as a "right-winger," he could convince French voters to support his destructive policy of surrender to Arab Muslim terrorism - The French referendum poster urges Frenchmen to vote "YES for the new Algeria. YES for friendship [with the Arab Muslim terrorists]. YES for de Gaulle."

Black South African terrorist Nelson Mandela visited Algeria in 1962 to congratulate the Muslim terrorists on their victory over the French

With the French military no longer controlling the borders of Algeria and other North African countries, millions of Arab Muslims were able to swarm into France beginning in the 1960s.

Following Algerian independence, many Arab Muslims were permitted to immigrate to France because they once worked with the French and would have faced death and torture as colonialist collaborators if they had remained in Algeria after independence.

In films like The Battle of Algiers, European Marxists like Gillo Pontecorvo (r.) gleefully celebrated Islam's terrorist victory over France

These Arab immigrants brought many additional Arabs with them through "family reunification."

The invasion of France by hordes of Arab immigrants encouraged other Muslim and Third World immigrants to start swarming by the millions into almost every country in Europe.

In the end, de Gaulle's decision to grant independence to Algeria became the first step in the Islamization of Europe.

The Cuban Marxist terrorist Che Guevara congratulates Arab Muslim terrorist leader Ben Bella on his overthrow of French colonial rule in Algeria

In Israel, it is said that only Ariel Sharon - another supposed "right-winger" - could convince Israeli Jews to create an independent PLO terrorist state in Yesha. Sharon is frequently compared to de Gaulle for this reason.

A Muslim woman flies the Algerian Muslim Nazi flag during New York City's September 2000 Muslim Day Parade

Let us hope and pray that JTF raises enough money to give the Yesha Jews the resources that they need to stop Sharon's suicidal plans.

If JTF's allies in Israel - the Hilltop Youth - take over the Israeli Government, they will fund a weekly JTF program on national television or radio in the United States with an audience of tens of millions.

Then we will build an army of millions of right-wing righteous Gentiles who will fight to save America, which is also in grave danger of being overwhelmed by Muslim and other Third World immigration.

The danger to Europe of a Muslim takeover is grave and imminent

Europe's Muslims are quickly approaching their "critical mass," the point at which they will achieve majority rule, give up their pretenses of patriotism and "peaceful cooperation," and move to transform the powerful continent into a supremely dangerous Islamic stronghold.

In the 1950s and 1960s, France's Muslims and their insane left-wing French allies (l.) marched to prove their desire for assimilation in a France in which Europeans and Muslims were "tous unis" (all one). But forty years later, in a Europe increasingly beset by Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitism, Muslim girls demanded the right to wear Islamic head scarves in the French public schools.

"We should not pass through life without leaving some recommendation of ourselves to posterity."

A June 2000 reunion of French Algerian colonists and their descendants remembered Algeria in the days of its colonial rule, before "right-wing" traitors like Charles de Gaulle surrendered it to Muslim terrorism.

The motto of the reunion was from the writings of Napoleon: "We should not pass through life without leaving some recommendation of ourselves to posterity."

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Fighting to save America and Israel
from Islamic terrorism!

Post Office Box 650327
Fresh Meadows NY 11365

All contributions, including anonymous ones, greatly appreciated!
(We are unable to respond to e-mail addresses)

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